Islam Is Not the Enemy

Carl Schmitt once famously noted that “the specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy”; and that “every religious (…) antithesis transforms into a political one if it is sufficiently strong to group human beings effectively according to friend and enemy.” In other words: politics begin when we start to distinguish between friend and foe. Right now, everyone who opposes the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class is our friend; everyone who defends the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class is our enemy. Consequently, Russia is our friend, Iran is our friend, China is our friend, Assad is our friend, Southern Secessionist-types are our friends and the Philippines might be our friends either. This is not about morality, it is about Realpolitik. Only in a moral framework are there eternal enemies and eternal friends. In the strategical sphere there is no such thing. Politics make strange bedfellows.

We are used to look at the cynical and hateful side of racism, but one of the problems with racism is that it hinders following a sober approach  to politics by being hopelessly and laughably idealistic about the transgressive nature of race. Yeah, yeah, Hitler was a monster and evil incarcerated and yada yada, but he was also an idiot for naively believing that the close racial kinship between white Westerners would make Brits and Americans eventually join his side to fight against these Slavic untermenschen and their Jewish overlords. Modern man either is as soft as butter or he has a heart of stone; and modern man needs to be both in order to believe in an ethnically cleansed utopia where white men and women of all nations and classes will just hold hands and run through wheat fields together.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the floodgates of immigration were opened in order to import cheap labor devoid of all class consciousness and to exert downward pressure on the wages of Western workers, whose living standard and whose standards had been increasing for a number of years following the postwar economic boom. As a result, many (nominal) Catholics entered the US while many (nominal) Muslims entered Western Europe. This does not mean, however, that Islam as a religion or that the roughly 1.8 billion people who are nominally Muslim are our eternal political enemies. Different groups have different reasons to oppose the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class.

It would be naive to assume that all conflicts between, say, Russia and China would cease to exist if Babylon were to fall; but it is just as naive to get worked up over Sharia law when you’re not even allowed to “manspread” your legs on the subway, when wars and creepy torture prisons are justified by bringing women’s rights to the Middle East, when all normal sexual intercourse between men and women can even retrospectively be classified as rape, when slutty harlots walk around half-naked but want the majority of men who then dare to look at them punished for molestation;  when female teachers, female professors and female journalists train little boys like dogs to obey female generals, female ministers of defense and female prime ministers, if not to become transsexual “females” themselves, and when it is not even enough anymore to shut up and submit because the state demands accomplices now. And the modern state does demand accomplices, does demand partners in crime who join the choir and who bake that cake and who do not merely obey feminist laws but agree with that law in their heart of hearts. Tolerance once meant that you accept that other people have other “truths”; today it means that you have to give up the concept of truth at all. In a dictatorship one has to howl with the wolves in order not to be eaten, in our democracy, one has to bleat with the sheep. 

The Western world is a degenerate feminist shithole, it has replaced Golgotha with Auschwitz, the Cross with gas chambers, saints and martyrs with fags and feminists, and the “reason”, the “science”, it has been so proud of since the age of the Renaissance, is now only used to produce the artificial hormones with which little boys are turned into trannies. In brief, the Western world has never been so far away from Sharia law as it is today, and worrying about Sharia law being brought to these rainbow-filtered degenerates is as ridiculous as a Rabbi in 1940s Europe being worried about the Russian Orthodox Church.

Our anti-tradition, anti-men, anti-sovereignty, anti-diversity and anti-social justice enemies are united, and so must we become. Muslims who oppose the global “liberal” hegemony  of “modern and progressive” burger companies, of predatory corporations who let rainbow flags and feminist T-shirts be produced in slave-like conditions, are our potential allies; and it is hypocritical to talk about shady death cults with shady origins such as ISIS, while ignoring the shady role the shady USA has played in, say, using Saddam Hussein as a prop to attack Iran for getting rid off their American puppet ruler, then deciding to attack, then to destroy Hussein’s Iraq, murder a million Iraqis, put some thousands into creepy torture prisons where feminist womyn tortured these resistance fighters, then let this death cult attack Israel Syria and start a “civil” war that is then used to justify getting rid off another independent ruler (Assad) to replace him with yet another American puppet. If you really believe that American Presidents were all good bois who dindu nuffin because they went to church, and tried to turn da life of da Americans around, that everything that ever went wrong is da fault of raciss Jews, and that Muslims just hate you for your “freedoms”, you honestly deserve to be thrown off a roof. You fucking faggot.

Besides, I’d rather have Muslims who occasionally crash the parties of degenerate sluts and cunts and sodomites than genderqueer mulatto feminists roaming and ruling the streets. I’d rather have a world in which at least some Muslims oppose US imperialism than a world in which no one opposes US imperialism; and I’d rather walk through the Muslim parts of London and Berlin than through the post-apocalyptic gangsta ghettos of Chicago and Detroit.

PS: Return of Kings recently ran an article praising Kemal Atatürk. But Atatürk was only able to reform his country because the Soviet Union caused a balance of power he savvily exploited. It was somewhat similar with Tito in Yugoslavia and for a while even with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, although the Soviet Union had long been suffering from Stalinist degeneration then. In the age of US monoimperialism, Atatürk would have been called a “fascist” and attacked the very same way, Hussein and Assad were and are attacked (now).  If you want anything other than a feminist high-tech Sodom with illiterate faggots roaming dirty ghettos and impoverished mulattos killing each other for some sneakers or whatever, then you must oppose the global hegemony of a single ruling class that does not have to face any competition and any balance of power anymore.


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O God! Please strengthen our white brethren when they face discrimination from their intersectional feminist teachers, professors and HR managers. Help them, when they are attacked and used as political props – useful as scapegoats for an assortment of woes, including chronic unemployment and crippling poverty. The evil ruling class has convinced the public that capitalism and imperialism wouldn’t really be capitalistic and imperialistic if only there were more black generals and lesbian CEOs. So please help them, o heavenly Father. And please strengthen our non-white brethren as well. Help them, when they are attacked by rednecks and by queer Nazi hipsters. Help them, when they are accused of having raped a white woman, when they are pushed to accept sodomy and feminism in order to speak out against racism, and when white people go on again about how they’d have to bomb, kill, sanction and boycott all races and countries who don’t care enough about gay and women’s rights. Help them, when they are used as scapegoats and discriminated against because some white idiot believed that hurting them would hurt George Soros. So please keep them all safe, o Lord, and prevent them from going crazy like so many others. Don’t let them suffer all too much in this life, but let them be supremely happy in the life to come, Amen.

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Competition and Monopolies

First the good news: Christ is risen! Now for the bad news: the Senate of the evil US Empire has just passed a bill that would toughen sanctions on Russia. Sadly, most people will not even recognize how hypocritical and laughable it is that US Senators, of all people, pretend to care about war crimes, human rights and the sovereignty and dignity of nations outside the American empire. Using religion as a front has been the MO of crooks and scoundrels from the dawn of human history; but while these sinister entities of the past masked their imperialistic and mercantilistic impulses behind a religious facade, the modern US empire now claims to champion the rights of sodomites and of rebellious females.

  Effectively, the USA is either a country that wages war against sovereign nations to bring them gay and women’s rights that shouldn’t even exist in the first place, or a country that only uses gay and women’s rights to “pink wash” the war crimes they commit for power, money and oil. Both cases would be equally despicable. (One of the reasons why the monopolized media of the ruling class is still attempting to bring down Trump is because he is too white, too male and too masculine to sell this cheerful modern rainbow imperialism the same way a mixed raced war criminal like Barack Obama was able to do.)

  At the end of the day, though, the ruling class of the US empire wants to destroy every nation that still enjoys a certain amount of independence, no matter how little they have otherwise in common: Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea. “Liberal” and “conservative” Americans just disagree about the order, the (official) reason and the means one should use to destroy these countries and make them subjects of the same American ruling class. In the grand scheme of things, our only political hope left might be a massive civil war of Syrian proportions in the US, with white people losing, and with the country being torn into different pieces. The world would be a much better place if there were still different world powers left and different ruling classes around; different groups being forced to compete with each other and to offer different things. Economically, a monopolised capital is just as dangerous as the monopolised imperialism that is its political consequence.

  This finally brings me to my disappointment with Steven Anderson’s latest sermon against John Lennon’s “Imagine.” An independent fundamental Baptist really should have a field day dealing with that shitty hippy song. I’m not a Baptist myself, but I was really looking forward to have some light time listening to an old-timey fire and brimstone type going after unwashed hippies! Alas, I hadn’t even passed that new “refugee” camp opposite the supermarket yet when I got angry for the first time. Because Anderson mentions some panhandler who apparently frequents his church not only to listen to his sermons, but also to sit in front of the building, reading the Bible and, well, begging. This offers the Pastor ample opportunity to go after these “lazy punks” who shouldn’t even eat, and who are just sloths and only unemployed because they’re lazy, and who could get a job if they only wanted a job, “especially now where everyone’s hiring”, and yada yada yada.

  Maybe there’s the “just-world” fallacy at play when poor people (and independent fundamental Baptism is, sociologically speaking, a phenomenon of poverty; it’s not the jeunesse dorée but the enfants humiliés who end up attending such churches) who are just one car crash and one broken leg away from ending up on the streets, desperately try to convince themselves that only sloth is to blame for people ending up homeless, and that they themselves have therefore nothing to be afraid of.

  Now, admittedly, I don’t know how the job market in Arizona is right now, and I don’t even believe that the situation there is that much different from the rest of the US and from Northwestern Europe. Which is to say that not unemployment but underemployment  and being poor despite being in employment is the actual and most common threat. That being said and admitted, though, Anderson’s sermon reminded me of two things:

  a) that the main problem with many “politically incorrect” types is not that they are too radical, but that they are too moderate. Most of these right-wing-ish anti-NWO types are just two anti-gay Supreme Court judges away from waving American flags and singing “Bomb Iran!” again. (And many “alt”-Right types basically believe that you just have to remove Jews from capitalism and “constitutionalism” to usher the US into a white utopia.) Anderson himself once said that he used to be patriotic but that he stopped being patriotic. Now, here is a guy who isn’t that much older than I am, which makes you wonder: “When had a millennial guy ever reason to be proud of the USA? When they bombed Belgrade? When they murdered Saddam Hussein? When they promoted feminism? When they worshipped Israel?” Just as the “women’s rights” movement had never been a good thing that was subsequently “stolen” by bad people, “Americanism” had never been a good thing that was only subverted by bad people either.  Or maybe I should write (((bad people))) because Americans dindu nuffin and it’s all the fault of raciss Jews. (“Alt”-right Americans want us to believe that every bad thing the US does is because of Jews, while every bad thing, other nations do is because they’re not as great as the US…)

  b) why preaching such as this was permitted and even desired for a while: because it puts an additional moral pressure on the working class, it requires them to accept the idea that unemployed people are not only losers but wicked, that unemployment is not only an economical and social but also a moral failure. This is the same reason why Capital either goes to misery (outsourcing, “free trade”) or imports misery (immigration, “Refugees welcome!”) – because they want to increase competition and hence pressure to work for lower wages. The more pressure, the better. For them. The less competition there is between the capitalists, the more competition there is between us who don’t own any capital. (By the way, a dirty Marxist secret no one wants to admit is that every society only has a limited amount of work to assign, and that in some cases there simply is too little work for too many people. The only kind of people who can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps are these little Asian women from that Chinese circus there. And billionaires aren’t inventors or Scrooge McDuck types anymore who started out as shoe-shine boys, but in most cases simply heirs. (And some of these heirs who could say with Richard Wagner’s fat dragon Fafner, sleeping on his treasures, “Here I lie and here I hold, let me sleep” probably cause less damage than “creative” Silicon Valley types like Mark Zuckerberg…)

  What we can witness right now is the ruling class replacing the puppets, pawns and willing participants of the past with other puppets, pawns and willing participants. The only problem with Anderson et al. is that they still cling on some of the things that have gone out of fashion. The ideological and economical demands of US monoimperialism have turned all these aggressive and “dividing” beliefs into absolutely undesirable and unwanted ideologies. There simply is no need for “divide and conquer” anymore; with the impera being sufficient now and only one group ruling anyway, the divide is no longer necessary and wanted. Old-timey conservatives worshipping at the altar of Ronald Reagan and seriously talking about “leftist billionaires” are just as foolish as contemporary liberals who support the intersectional imperialism and the rainbow-filtered capitalism of the modern US ruling class.

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Islam: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part 1)

German author Thomas Mann once noted that “those who want to achieve something will always be superior in strength to those who only want to prevent something.” Sadly, this describes quite well the dividing line between those who struggle for the cause of Islam, and the colorful coalition that wants to prevent Islam from, well, something they can’t yet agree on. But while homosexual Jews and “politically incorrect” women’s right activists are calling on the men of the West to “man up” and fight against Islamic cissexism, both Christian and non-Christian right-wingers are effectively cucking and castrating themselves in order to profess that they are not like ISIS: not holding to objective truth, not wanting to “obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29), not being opposed to the filthy sin of sodomy and of course not being opposed to the anti-Christian concept of “gender equality.”

   It is said that the Ayatollah Khomeini was once told that he had taken Iran 300 years backwards with his Islamic revolution, to which he replied that this would just be the beginning since he intended to take it back 1400 years to the times of the Prophet Mohammed and the Amir al-Mu’minin, the “Leaders of the Faithful.” Meanwhile, most Western “traditionalists”, “anti-modernists” and “reactionaries” just want to get back to the 80s. Scratch an “alt-right” Westerner and you will find an apple pie conservative who accuses you of being just as bad as ISIS (or a theonomist in the unlikely case that he still knows what that word actually means) for pointing to the anti-sodomy laws that in most places were still  enacted as recently as the 1970s, when boomers threw Western civilization away to roleplay John Lennon’s “Imagine” instead.

 Hence, it must first be repeated that Islam is not the disease but only one of its symptoms. Islam is like the common cold; something one can easily get rid off (with borders), but modernism is like AIDS: destroying your immune system until even a mere cold can kill you. So, if you would close all Breitbart tabs with based degenerates speaking out against Bukhari for a change, we could try to have an objective look at Islam. After all, the Bible has much more in common with the Qur’an than with Atlas Shrugged. The real problem is that the white Western world is rotten to the core, and that white Westerners simply destroy everything they touch, no matter if it’s Protestant or Orthodox Christianity. The Western Midas touch does not turn everything into gold, but everything into the same libertarian and capitalist filth.

  Furthermore, it is debatable, if Christians had much to gain from increasing hostility towards Muslims. The official Western commitment to “anti-racism” and “anti-Islamophobia” hasn’t stopped the evil US empire to wreak havoc in the Middle East. Capital either wants to go to misery (outsourcing) or import misery (immigration, refugees welcome); it wants to destroy all nations that are still somewhat independent from the US. Therefore, both Iran and Syria, as little as they have otherwise in common, are attacked while Saudi-Arabia enjoys the protection of the Western world. For 16 years, a kosher “Islamophobia” has proven to be useful only for those who support the imperialist wars of the US empire, and who intended to make Christians shut up by accusing them of being just as bad as terrorists. For at least 16 years, the US has waged war and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, either for power, money and resources, and/or to spread women’s and gay rights. Either to actually spread women’s and gay rights, or just cynically using women’s and gay rights to “pink wash” their wars for power, money and oil. Both cases would be equally despicable. Be that as it may, the current Western world is hardly worth being stressed out over, and I hate white Westerners at least as much as Muslims hate white Westerners.

   Now, for convenience’ sake, I will often say “Muslims” and “Islam” although it should rather be “radical Muslims” (since not all nominal Muslims consider nationalism to be haram, for instance) or “this or that specific group within Islam”, and so on. At the end, I want to talk a bit about my personal experience with nominal Muslims in Europe. This first post however is intended to be nothing more than an introduction. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will have a closer look at Islam in general over the next following days or weeks or however long it might take.

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10 Things “Radical” Muslims Are (Sadly) Right About

Women must be submissive and obedient to men, kept out of politics, and, if necessary, be disciplined. Since they are not equal to men, they should not have equal rights to men.

2. Sodomy is a grave sin, and societies that openly promote and celebrate the filthy, wicked sin of sodomy are under the just wrath of God.

3. God’s law is more important than secular law, and we must obey God rather than men.

4. The fellowship of the believers is more important than “fellowships” based on nation, race and other worldly ideologies.

5. Western capitalism is just as wicked as communism. Capitalism is not part of the solution, but part of the problem and just the other side of the same wicked coin.

6. The USA is (largely?) a satanic empire of evil. It is a monstrous and imperialist force bombing and murdering people for money, power, Israel and allegedly for gay and women’s rights that shouldn’t even exist in the first place! A country that employs a military in which impoverished transsexuals, rebellious females and genderqueer mulattos might enroll and end up torturing innocent men to bring them the joys of feminism and “democracy.”

7. The Western system must be opposed and prevented from spreading like a cancer that is threatening to destroy the whole planet.

8. Jews are (more often than not) a problem, and Jews are a problem not because of their genetical machinery but because of spiritual and of ideological issues.

9. While greed and economic injustice are evil/s first and foremost from a spiritual point of view, materialism itself cannot make people happy and must likewise be opposed.

10. God is just and therefore will (continue to / increasingly) punish the Western world.


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On Jack Donovan’s Recent Critique of White Nationalism

The Church is my fatherland and Christ my only King at this point; and this is only one of the reasons why I’m not a white nationalist, and actually share a lot of the anger and embitterment you can find in Jack Donovan’s recent critique of white nationalism. That being said, though, I see at least two fundamental flaws in his critique:

   1. He insists that white nationalists are “broken”, “shitty”, and spending most of their time “gossiping about each other (usually anonymously), stabbing each other in the back and jockeying for power and influence.” He fails to see, however, that every group that is being treated like a cult will eventually develop cult-like traits: paranoia, aggression, in-fighting, weirdness and revenge fantasies. If white men weren’t so busy professing to be invulnerable and pretending that there are individual solutions to structural problems (“Just lift, brah!”) they could easily see that the effects of marginalization and disenfranchisement are simply not pretty. Once an oppositional group is big enough to have appeared on the radar screen of the ruling class, the group will be attacked and in the process ugly things will happen. Ugly things that will scare away people who still have more to lose, and attract only people who don’t have anything to lose anymore. If you’re part of the resistance, you should plan ahead and expect that to happen, instead of being caught by surprise and then complain about “weak” men afterwards.

   2. It is simply not true that even “strong white men” are afraid of fat lesbians and of genderqueer hipsters. It’s a lie just as the idea of “homophobia” is a lie. I don’t know any man who is afraid of those who suffer from same-sex attraction; but what men have reason to be afraid of are the legal, social and financial consequences that come with challenging the sodomite agenda. Just consider these small bakers and small florists who got destroyed because they had refused to bake some cakes for sodomite “weddings.” The court system and the police attacked them, not merely “a fat lesbian.” Escapism into the woods might be a viable option for uncommitted homosexuals who just want to hang out with other “manly” gays and worship pagan stones. But as Henry Wolff said in his reply to Jack Donovan, “You may not care about politics, but politics cares about you.” Once you appear on the radar screen of the ruling class, they will also shut your little love nest down. Or simply sell the forest, cut it down and build a center for Muslim “refugees” over your pagan shrines.

Of course, Jack Donovan is still an interesting writer (I even have one of this books here), and it’s not like I disagree with everything he says. After all, a “Smultronstället” idiomatically signifies an underrated gem of a place, often with personal or sentimental value. Also, the Bible speaks about going “outside the camp” since Jesus, too, was crucified “outside the camp.” Finally, even Donovan himself, see my “About” page, once described the “Barbarians” we are supposed to become, as those who lived outside the gates of the empire’s cities; outside the camp, so to speak. So it’s not like this attitude is completely foreign to me. We should just be realistic about the possibilities of unpolitical escapism, and remember that “LARPing” was a thing long before the internet came into existence. Painting a black sun on your actual face instead of just using a black sun as an avatar on a discussion board, doesn’t magically make you “real.”

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Feminisation? What Feminisation?

In many ways, our society hasn’t become “feminized”, but quite the opposite, has become far more masculine.

  For instance, there is far more brutal economic competition out there in the jungle these days. More and more people are competing for the same, if not for a reduced, amount of jobs and apartments. Some boomer’s apple pie conservatism simply cannot change the fact that it has become increasingly hard to find good employment, let alone afford a freakin’ house.

  Furthermore, while both left-wingers as well as right-wingers, both liberals as well as conservatives, accept the female politician, the female pantsuit (just consider how many alt-right-ish parties are led or co-led by women, and that in the US, Ivanka can easily be used as a tool to make her father bomb whole countries), they do not accept the feminine man. We might witness a faux masculinity that is shallow and empty, but what we do not witness is the political, social and female embracement of feminine and/or low-status men. Masculinized women have not become to embrace feminine men, but have degenerated into coarse and filthy BDSM whores who need to get tortured by sociopathic billionaires, raped by ghetto thugs and enslaved by Arab radicals in order to get off.

  One might even say that an arms race has developed, an escalation of masculinity, in which the masculinization of women has resulted in a demand for even “stronger” and more masculine men. Since men, at the same time, are getting increasingly disenfranchised, and never allowed to develop actual strength, actual dominance, and gain actual power, it is not much of a surprise that so many men these days feel cruel and yet effeminate, aggressive and yet cowardly, bossy and yet spineless, hard and yet soft. Modern man is either soft as butter or he has a heart of stone.

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