Isaiah on the Latest Terror Attack in the UK

So, as of now, 19 people are confirmed dead at what seems to be yet another Muslim terror attack. This time targeting an Ariana Grande concert in the UK. But every Brit who hasn’t at least secretly supported Nigel Farage, has blood on his hands. All these white girls who threw cuddle toys at the “refugees”, screaming “Refugees welcome!”, have blood on their hands. Maybe even their own blood, given that it’s almost exclusively women who attend Ariana Grande concerts. In the US, single white women are even more opposed to Trump’s once landmark promise, the wall, than Mexicans themselves! We all know, what will happen next: flags on twitter and facebook, some tears and some speeches and then immediately the warnings about how the white man is just as dangerous, and that it’s actually all Trump’s fault. The most important lesson, fake news and white girls will soon tell us, is that we don’t let the “right-wing populists” “exploit” this tragedy. Yes, losing your sister to some Muslim’s nail bomb is tragic, but white men “exploiting” such a terrorist attack – now THAT is the real threat!

   Always remember that Muslims are just one of the symptoms, not the actual disease. Muslims are like the common cold – something you can get easily rid off these days, but modernism is like AIDS: it destroys your immune system until even a common cold can kill you. Now listen to the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 1:4-7):

Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.

Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.

From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.


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Tips on Reading the Bible

I have heard from so many people that they struggle with reading the Bible, let alone with reading the entire Bible from beginning to end, that I thought about saying a word or two about that. First of all, my main tip is to NOT approach the Bible like any other book you try to “finish”  in a given period of time. Rather, read a little bit every single day until you finally die. Instead of making reading it something “special” you only do once a week but then immediately for some hours straight, it should be something you do regularly for shorter periods of time. Your motto should be slow but steady.

   Personally, I use a simple Excel spreadsheet next to my calendar where I tick off all the necessary things I have already done on any given day – like daily exercising, daily reading of a little bit of theology, Bible, memorizing a Psalm, etc. etc. Right now, I read through the Gospel according to John – and whenever I approach a book, I first skim it. (Almost a bit like with Freud’s technique of free association, where you’re not supposed to focus on anything, to search for anything or to censor anything, but, rather, simply see what kind of patterns and ideas will be revealed once you begin saying whatever is coming to your mind.) Sometimes, I read along while listening to an audio book version of it. Once I’ve skimmed the book a couple of times, I more carefully read the individual passages. Then, after that, I read it with pens in my hand, like everything regarding gender stuff I mark with pink, everything regarding God’s wrath I mark with red, everything regarding faith with turquoise and so on. Finally, I might read it with a commentary or while looking at the notes of a study Bible. Obviously, this can take some time – but why would you want to rush through the Bible? It’s not a detective novel or something. Statistically, you might live until you’re 80 or something so there should be some years left where you can read a little bit of Bible every single day until you finally pass into glory.

   Also, I like to read good works of theology, ideally systematic theology, on a daily basis. Again, just a few pages every day. Not much. For instance, I can highly recommend John Calvin’s Institutes (get the two-volume set from John T. McNeill, though) which is simply perfect for daily reading since it covers so many topics, is separated into mostly short subchapters and, especially combined with the footnotes in the McNeill-set, it covers ideas from Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and many other thinkers. Likewise, Herman Bavinck’s “Reformed Dogmatics” is as excellent as it is expansive. I guess I like these kinds of systematic theologies because, while the Bible is magical, the Bible should not be approached like magic, not like some gypsy’s crystal ball, looking for obscure numbers (fascination with numbers is always a red flag) but with sobriety – one of Calvin’s favorite words, btw.

   On the other hand, the Bible should not be approached like the academic work of some college professor, either. We must not only read through but also pray through the Bible. So my suggestion is to always say a short prayer before you do your daily Bible reading, simply asking your creator to help you understand it, apply it and forgive you, if you don’t understand something, if you’re knuckleheaded, or if it’s sin preventing you from understanding it, etc. This is one of the reasons why I think that the “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible” is so excellent. I obviously like it for the fact that it is strictly Reformed but also that it’s not just a study Bible for the mind, but also a study Bible for the soul, since every single chapter closes with an idea for personal or family meditation. So, the notes do give you both, say, the historical context or point out that the Greek in John 1:5 can both mean that the darkness did not “overcome” and the darkness “comprehend” the light, as well as thoughts to meditate upon. For instance, they might ask you, “Why must churches be willing to challenge men’s worldliness, even if doing so may reduce their numbers?”, or “Why is the new birth absolutely necessary for salvation? Are you born again?”, or “If God can even use a traitor to provide salvation, how are you motivated to trust Him with your trials now?”)

   So, just do it! “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett.

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Divide and Conquer

An addendum to my thoughts on racism: it is well known that ancient Rome could only maintain its leadership in the Latin league due to the proverbial strategy of “divide et impera”, divide and rule. In that league, there were approximately twice as many armed “socii” and “Latini” combined than there were armed “cives Romani”, citizens of Rome. But since it wasn’t a union and even “league” only a term coined by modern historians, all these different cities only were in contact and allied with Rome itself, and not with each other.  It was obviously in the interest of Rome to prevent them from uniting and from uniting against Rome. Today, various political movements from Alex Jones to Bernie Sanders accuse the “elites” to use the very same strategy. They can’t quite agree on whether it’s the “white supremacists” or #blacklivesmatter that fall for the evil schemes of the “elites”, but they do agree on the idea that these “elites” want to divide us and hence prevent us from holding hands and singing Kumbaya and then attack our real enemies, whoever they may be.

    The historical truth however is that freedom, education, prosperity and relative security were never really promoted but rather only tolerated by the various ruling classes. They tolerated it only as long as they needed it in conflicts and in competition with the ruling classes of other nations. The monopolized ruling class, freed from all serious and soon from any military and economical competition at all, is also freed from the necessity to have intelligent citizens (not only to work as, say, scientists but also as people who create wealth and prosperity, not making a revolution because they want to try out other systems that seem to work better for the people of other nations). In the age of US monoimperialism, citizens subjects can easily be infantilized again. These subjects don’t even develop a significant amount of “ego strength” anymore, and therefore it is not even necessary anymore to use all kinds of drastic and complicated means to forcefully break their egos. Old propaganda posters and movies often seem so weird and comical to us, because back then, more forceful means were needed to get people to think what they were supposed to think. The modern Westerner can rather imagine the end of the world than the end of multicultural capitalism, and without having developed a healthy “ego”, it is not even necessary to break his ego using torture like in Clockwork Orange or in 1984

    Likewise, the ideological and economical demands of monoimperialism have turned nationalism and racism into absolutely undesirable and unwanted ideologies. They were once tools of the competing ruling classes (here I slightly disagree with Kerry Bolton, I guess, because I believe that there indeed was a point in the past where racism was occasionally used to “divide and conquer”), but now they are disturbing, interfering elements, various groups of dirty working class people sometimes try to use to defend a little benefit that was once granted to them when their was still competition. But with the impera being sufficient and only one group ruling anyway, the divide is no longer necessary and wanted. So, I’m rather skeptical about this idea that the ruling class wants to divide us and prevent us all from uniting and then fighting against them or the Jews or the Jesuits or whatever. Rather, they want a world with raceless, genderless, Godless, nationless, cultureless working nomads. Ahasvers with smartphone, all “united” and living in “peace” with each other – not the beautiful kind of peace, of course, but the cemetery kind of “peace”: here rest in peace, all tribes, tongues and nations of the world…

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Love Not the World…

“Whatever kind of tribulation presses upon us, we must ever look to this end: to accustom ourselves to contempt for the present life and to be aroused thereby to meditate upon the future life. For since God knows best how much we are inclined by nature to a brutish love of this world, he uses the fittest means to draw us back and to shake off our sluggishness, lest we cleave too tenaciously to that love. The whole soul, enmeshed in the allurements of the flesh, seeks its happiness on earth. To counter this evil the Lord instructs his followers in the vanity of the present life by continual proof of its miseries. Therefore, that they not promise themselves a deep and secure peace in it, he permits them often to be troubled and plagued either with wars or tumults, or robberies, or other injuries. For this we must believe: that the mind is never seriously aroused to desire and ponder the life to come unless it be previously imbued with contempt for the present life. Indeed, there is no middle ground between these two: either the world must become worthless to us or hold us bound by intemperate love of it.

  • John Calvin, Institutes, III. ix. 1 f.
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Ten Thoughts on Racism

1. According to the monopolized (fake news) media, I am, of course, a racist; and if the monopolized (fake news) media don’t call you a racist (or a self-hating Uncle Tom who has “internalized” racism) you’re doing something wrong. Likewise, if you would feel comfortable telling an audience full of journalists, college professors, teachers and other meme replicators of the ruling class everything you honestly believe about racism, you’re doing something wrong, either. But just because the monopolized (fake news) media call everyone and everything a Nazi, racist, fascist doesn’t mean that there aren’t any real Nazis, racists, fascists left.

2. In some ways, it doesn’t even matter if racism is right or wrong. Consider, for instance, the EU parliament building in Strasbourg and compare it to a primitive African hut used as a church. Obviously, centuries of a superior intelligence were needed to build a building such as this parliament. In the grand scheme of things, however, the spirit behind this primitive church is superior and more important than the “wisdom of the world” that was only used to give the anti-Christian EU a main building. (Or compare primitive African music like the one the Missa Luba was based on with all the technology needed to create something as monstrous as Miley Cyrus and her strap-on dildos.) When alt-right-ish types attack Christianity, saying, that a white Christian would rather give his daughter to a Christian black man than to a white Pagan, they are, of course, correct. You can give Caesar what is Caesar’s, but you can’t worship both God and money.

3. Even if racism was true and, say, black people were on average less intelligent than white people for biological reasons – would this really give white people the right to discriminate against black people? You could just as well make the case for giving people with inherited disadvantages the additional support they’d need. And if you’re opposed to such moral arguments and more concerned about intelligence, you should rather give your white daughter to one of the few/er intelligent black men than to one of the few/er unintelligent white man.

4. People are less equal than they say but more equal than they think. The number of Mozarts and Newtons and other real geniuses is minimal. What we need are working class and middle-class jobs, and non-whites are obviously at least intelligent enough to build the cars that were once manufactured in the West. And many white collar jobs in California are done by Indians and Asians now. The capital wants to go to misery (“outsource” jobs to China, Mexico, India, etc.) and/or import misery (as low-wage immigrants). “No borders, no nations!” is just as much an ANTIFA slogan as it is the slogan of the monopolized US mega-capital. Just throwing non-whites out of Western countries would therefore not solve the problem of the mega-capital outsourcing jobs to these countries, and hence forcing white people to drastically decrease their living standard in order to remain competitive with miserable Mexicans or Chinese people.

5. During the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s young Nazi party was often accused of offering a faux anti-Capitalism. The saying was that “Antisemitism is the anti-Capitalism of fools.” I believe that the current hostility towards white men as a scapegoat also is a kind of faux anti-Capitalism, the anti-Capitalism of fools. I also believe that the current ruling class doesn’t hate white people as white people, but that it’s actually worse. They want “free trade” and open borders to drive down ages, drive up rents and create even more competition among the 99% of people who don’t own any capital. Since white middle-class men are pretty much the only group left that either has some tiny capital themselves, or have at least has the potential to create some capital and hence competition to the monopolized US mega-capital of the ruling class, they have to go away. But it’s not like black men or Hispanic women profit from the destruction of the white middle-class. It’s not like there’s less of a white but more of a black middle-class now. It’s not like the people of Iran or China or Syria or North-Korea will profit from that and at least be left alone. Personally, I think that this is a much more scary thought than the idea of (((them))) just hating on whiteness or something. That would be bad, of course, just as a furious man kicking someone lying on the ground would not be a pretty sight, of course. But it’s far more scary to see a calm and tranquil man kicking someone lying on the ground. Someone who isn’t even angered but just wants his victim to go away. The angry people, the psychopaths so to speak, who are manically laughing while kicking someone lying on the ground, aren’t the ones with power but simply the ones who are paid and hired by the ones in power. Teachers, college professors, activists; these “meme replicators” are all disposable. It’s not like in the days of Professor Higgins anymore, most people working in (higher) education have shit fixed-term contracts, are only hired for two semesters or so and also have to face with more and more brutal competition. There is a lot of jealousy and anger directed at people working in (higher) education, only some of it justified but some also based on a misplaced jealousy that is not even justified. 30 shekels to sell your soul. “But what are they for so many?” (John 6:9)

6. I suppose that “racial awareness” can be a tool to help explain the world, though. Just as weak eyes need to be aided by glasses to discern everything distinctly, we need to be aided by some theories of history to understand the world and to explain why things happened the way they did happen. Sunni Islam for instance can be explained as a religion (and/or as a false religion from a Christian point of view), but it can also be explained as a tribal phenomenon that serves as the ideological and cultural glue, holding 1001 mixed-brown ethnicities more or less together. But I don’t really see what’s wrong with historical “syncretism” so to speak. I am of course totally opposed to religious syncretism, but already having a religion I don’t need a secular surrogate religion like Marxism or a neo-Pagan surrogate religion with Julius Evola and Rosenberg and Hitler. Marxist terminology for instance is far more precise than liberal terminology, so I say “ruling class” and not “elites” (they wish they were elites!) and as I said, I believe that this ruling class is motivated by material interests, not by bad ideas like anti-white racism, but that doesn’t mean that I want to become an actual Marxist. Just as I don’t want to become a racist in the sense Andrew Anglin is an actual racist. (People who throw around “racist” as a buzzword and people who throw around “cultural Marxist” as a buzzword often feel not so much like opposites but like the two sides of the same coin to me. Unsurprisingly, “cuckservatives” (who believe that “Democrats are the real racists!” and worship this trinity of Martin Luther King, the US Constitution and “classical” 19th century liberalism) love to throw around both of these buzzwords, and are as paranoid about racism as they are about anti-Capitalism…

7. As for the Jews: even putting aside now the very important question of Genesis and Darwinism (Was death the result of sin as Paul says or was it operative long before man even came into existence as Darwin says?), it has massive theological implications to say that Jewish people need to be kept out of the Church for racial reasons. Even in the old covenant, you could of course convert, just as you can convert to Judaism today. They just treat it as you becoming part of a nation. It might be hard but in theory it’s always possible to become part of a nation, but you can’t become part of a race. The old covenant was ethnic but it wasn’t racial in the sense we use race today. Also, even hardcore anti-Semites usually admit that the billionaire class of Jews doesn’t really care about the poor Jews in France who then have to live the Islamic anti-Semitism from Muslim immigrants. And if these rich Jews don’t care about poor Jews just as rich white people don’t care about poor white people, then maybe the race isn’t the most significant factor at play here…

8. Admittedly, the kind of racism you sometimes find on AmRen, from people like Jared Taylor or Identitarians like Alain de Benoist has nothing to do with this occult Pagan racism of Heinrich Himmler and the like. For instance, what I write here about Marxism and anti-Capitalism I mostly have from obscure writers like Alain de Benoist (Identitarian), Kerry Bolton (National Socialist), Aleksandr Dugin (beyond good and evil) or Fritz-Erik Hoevels (Communist). Recently, I read a book about Marxism from Hoevels and although he is accused of being a right-winger for being opposed to Islam, to feminism, open borders and supports an alliance with Russia against US monoimperialism (the same imperialism that bombed Serbia, Iraq and now Syria, etc.), he is, of course, still a Marxist who is opposed to racism. And the example he uses in this book to show that racism is not about science or identity but simply an ideology, is from an old schoolbook from Nazi Germany. Apparently, this book taught that the “racial soul” of the Frisians (a Germanic ethnic group indigenous to the coastal parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) was deeply influenced by living at the sea for centuries. Living at and from the sea for centuries had allegedly caused their Germanic desire for freedom and their German work ethic and their aversion to overly intellectual drivel and claptrap. Hoevels then, among other things, points out that this is not Darwinism but Lamarckism; he says that racists are almost always opposed to Darwinism and atheism and are in most cases Lamarckists (due to living at the wide, eternal and so very dangerous sea, Frisians develop a longing for freedom, impulse control and work ethic, this becomes a characteristic of their “racial soul” and this characteristic they then pass on to their offspring). If racism would be really about science, he says, racists wouldn’t be opposed to Darwinism and atheism and wouldn’t always put some occult/esoteric/spiritual stuff on the materialistic basis of race. And while I believe that this is an interesting argument, you have to admit that there at least some racists left who otherwise have a secular, “scientific” world view (like Taylor) or a “cultural” world view (like de Benoist) – all without the obscure New Age mysticism that is associated with writers like Evola and Rosenberg.

9. In some ways, it does matter if racism is right or wrong, though, because it matters if something is only an idea or if it has a material basis that is true no matter what you think about it. “Historical materialism” (i.e. “Marxism”) is also an opposition to Hegelian idealism, and i.e., broadly speaking, the assumption that every society and every historical period is shaped not by good or bad ideas but by its “mode of production.” So, the question of slavery for instance is not a struggle of ideas, but first and foremost a materialist struggle. Americans who don’t buy into the idea that their Civil War was fought because some people suddenly got the idea that slavery was bad and had to be ended, should actually understand this thought. So, of course it makes a difference if race is first and foremost an idea or if it has a material basis in our biological machinery.

10. I guess the tenth thought should be about my personal conclusion on the question of racism, of environmental vs racially inherited factors, etc., but to be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure in how far I actually have this one conclusion yet. It just seems like a rather complicated issue to me that raises so many questions, so many moral questions, it has so many implications in regards to theology, etc. Also, I’m not even sure in how far it even is important to gain a very specific kind of consensus. I mean, I’ve met people who believe that the Jesuits are behind mass-immigration into the former Protestant nations of Northern America and Western Europe; so they believe that the puppet masters behind the curtain are motivated by destroying Protestantism. And while I don’t believe that Jesuits secretly rule the world, we would both support the same parties and movements at the end of the day. We would both be opposed to more immigration, open borders, feminism, Islam, the destruction of authentic cultures in order to create this genderless, borderless, Godless, raceless eunuch, a race “as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest” (Nietzsche).

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In Light of Recent Events…


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Faux Masculinity

Recently, we went to a Chinese restaurant with the family and my brother made some lame jokes about me picking vegetables and tofu from the buffet. I found this in so far interesting, as he isn’t the kind of guy who otherwise has any problems with accepting mass-immigration, “refugees” and Islam, “women’s rights”, etc. But of course, most men living here in Western Europe don’t. There is, however, a rather bizarre kind of surrogate masculinity, a faux masculinity. While many men these days are completely neutered cucks, they are yet (or because of that) practically obsessed with professing their masculinity by only listening to heavy metal music, only eating unhealthy fast food, playing violent video games, watching action movies, and so on. If you were to tell them that you love your Lord Jesus Christ, they’d cringe; but they don’t have any problems with open borders, mass-immigration, Islam, “gender equality” and a whole system that essentially works against the interests of men just like them.

    Then again, it’s getting increasingly hard to tell what they really believe, because it’s the women who are getting increasingly political and politically aggressive, while many men just shamefully drop their gaze when politics come up, and just seem to hope that the topic will change soon. Women, however, rant on and on about the “refugees” and “equality”, while being “politically incorrect” (or “based”) essentially just means that they propose other strategies to achieve “equality” (market not state), and make out other enemies to the false god of “equality” (Muslim and not Christian men). There are men who don’t want to tell the women they are interested in, which party they vote for and which opinions they hold, but I’ve never heard of any woman being afraid of telling a man about her preferred method and party to achieve “equality” and “diversity.” Men approach “dating” like a job interview; and it’s the women who even ask the political questions. 

    Many modern men somehow pull off the feat of being both completely neutered cucks and yet they behave like absurd caricatures of masculinity; like big, black dogs that look intimidating and bark loudly, but are effectively on the leash of the female and with their balls having being surgically removed. Only on command do they bark to the female’s delight and pretend that there’s something raw in them left. Like in the bedroom where these masculinized females want them to perform a just as faux kind of “dominance”, to hurt and to humiliate them in some degenerate 50 shades of BDSM games -the more radical the more feminist she is- before they’re ordered to drop the act again. Talking about violence, I miss the olden days when guys on the internet just threatened to find and to fight you IRL. These days, however, more and more guys I debate with on the internet aren’t even aggressive but, rather, shockingly sarcastic and snarky; their whole attitude just characterised by such an effeminate kind of a jaded cynicism, like that of a skinnyfat Jewish faggot talking about Evangelicals.

   Indeed, we do see “laughably artificial “tribes” forming around such trivialities as music styles, fashion, films, and cringe-worthy fandom based on TV cartoons such as anime”, and I guess, this too is a kind of plastic surrogate, a faux nationalism for the faux masculinity. I don’t know how it is in the US but in Europe, even in the West, men sometimes literally fight each other because they prefer different soccer clubs, and you have hooligans and fan clubs, literally fighting each other, blood might even flow, some people might get seriously injured, just because they prefer different soccer clubs! It’s so pathetic. Sometimes, the only thing I hate more than white Western women are white Western men – and their faux masculinity that is pro “equality”, pro mass-immigration and pro open-borders but anti-intellectual, anti-art, anti-poetry, anti-Christian. 

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