Nationalism in the Age of American Monoimperialism

First the good news: Christ is truly risen! Now for the bad news: we live in the age of American monoimperialism. People have all kinds of confused ideas about what the “elites” (how good little slaves call the ruling class) plan in regards to nationalism. While some are afraid of what they perceive to be the return of it, others hope that nationalism will resurge from the ashes to defeat “globalism.” The simple truth however is that in the age of US monoimperialism, nationalism is considered to be good (romantic, mythical, emancipatory and progressive) when it has the potential to divide the enemies of American mega-capital (every last remainder of non-American mini-capital is about to be destroyed, so American billionaires can rule the whole world) and/or insists on kinds of oppression and cruelty that could at some time be useful for American monoimperialism. This is why Western women hate homophobic Russians but love the idea of a railway-free Tibet ruled by a theocracy of celibate monks.

   However, nationalism is considered to be evil (backward, medieval, fascist and reactionary) when it insists on national sovereignty, independence and is unwilling to open its borders to import millions of low-wage workers in order to drive down wages, drive up rents and make strikes impossible. This is why borders around Germany are more evil than militaristic NATO aggression against Russia. This is why Trump only flirting with the idea of isolationism is more evil than Obama’s rainbow-colored drone strike terror. This is why Russian Christians are more evil than Ukrainian fascists. And this is why racism against immigrants has come out of fashion, but a imperialist and racist, colonialist attitude towards their native countries that need to be “liberated” (because women’s rights and girl schools) has not.

   Also, this is why Poland is not “stronk” but basically what Western Germany used to be during the Cold War: the fat and pampered pet of US mega-capital that needs it only as a weapon against Russia. Because Western Germany was meant to be the “window to the west”, US mega-capital pampered and spoiled it until the living standard there was unsurprisingly high. Imagine people in the East had looked over to the Western bloc and had only seen Merkel, Muslim fanatics, hijab females, crazy feminists with their cuckbois and more and more people begging on the street and being unemployed or even homeless. They hadn’t been so enthusiastic to join Uncle Sam’s Empire of Evil. Today, Western Germany isn’t needed anymore and therefore it is getting ugly, crazy and poor. Poland is still needed for a while, at least until Ukraine is member of EU and/or NATO. Once that happens and Russia is finally destroyed Poland won’t be needed anymore and even its very short period of a VERY relative “strength” will come to an end. (The fact that Poland is petted so much more irregularly than Germany was is because Russia isn’t as much of a threat as the Soviet Union was.)

   On a more personal note, I guess this is also why it can be frustrating to talk politics with my parents. When they came to Germany (as [Eastern-European] immigrants and “refugees”), they came to a different country and it must have been a dream come true. For them, Germany meant a steady income and a house with a garden in a comfy suburb. No Hitlers and no Brezhnevs but bratwurst, beer and Bayreuth.  Sure, for some reasons that are hard to grasp and all so terribly complicated that you need “experts” to explain them to you, there are “crises” here and there (“Euro crisis”, “banking crisis”, “immigration crisis”) but, well, their occurrence is as natural as the occurrence of other natural disasters and the most important thing now is to sit tight, to keep your cool and don’t do anything stupid – such as voting for an evil “right-wing” party. They might not necessarily associate everything “right-wing” with Hitler but still with drunken skinheads threatening their “bourgeoisie” idyll.

   From my perspective things are different, though. The Germany my father seems to be eager to defend doesn’t exist anymore; and neither do the kinds of right-wingers he wants to defend it from. The Germany I grew up in is a completely different country. A country I despise. Also, unlike my father I have never made any bad experiences with “racism” or however you want to call it (except for some miserable skinheads in depressing villages). Racism against Slavic people doesn’t exist anymore and they became as comfortably white as the Irish in the US (cf. How the Irish Became White). Given the alt-right’s current love affair with Eastern Europe, Slavic women, Vladimir Putin, Victor Orbán and kebab-removing Serbs, their racial status has increased even further and probably even elevated them above, say, Sicilians and the Portuguese whose whiteness is ambiguous these days.

   I furthermore believe that the underpinning assumptions that result in the romanticization of Russia, Eastern Europe, Poland and “the opportunities of the East” (Alfred Rosenberg) are also responsible for the adulation of (Russian) Orthodoxy. I intend to write more about Orthodoxy in the future, but for now I’ve written enough. All mistakes are mine, all glory belongs to God, Amen.


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"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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