Waste of Time

Bucknell electrical engineering professor Meriel Huggard canceled her regularly-scheduled lecture for March 29, requiring her students to attend and write about a campus summit on diversity instead.


Capitalism didn’t require good “calculators” (people good with calculation), it brought forth good calculators; but it also brought forth monopolism, i.e. the total monopolisation of capital in the hands of a small clique that is monopolistic, American and rules the world through nuclear blackmail (and is therefore “international” or “global”). With the market disappearing, monopolism doesn’t demand good calculators the same way capitalism demanded them; and since it doesn’t have to compete with other nations and their possibly well-educated or well-trained citizens anymore, the standard of education is more and more lowered. Monopolism (which has, in some ways, more in common with Byzantine feudalism than with the capitalism that gave birth to it) demands more ideological drivel and claptrap.

   John Calvin and François Rabelais, despite all their differences, both had in common that they strongly disliked any kind of time-devouring brainwashing and of people wasting their time. Calvinist sermons might have been long, but Calvinism didn’t insist on pilgrimages, spiritual retreats and on making breaks upon breaks during work in order to pray. Furthermore, these infamously long sermons, that often required language discipline to properly understand them and that were hence less infantilising than what is common for Catholicism and Orthodoxy, can only be understood when considering that they gave support to the idea of really having the rest of the week to work rationally and diligently.

    So, even apart of the ugly feminist and “antiracist” nature of such programs, it is generally noteworthy how much time employees and students are already supposed to waste in all kinds of “spiritual retreats” – “manager retreats”, “in-service education”, “summit events”, “human resource classes”, “diversity training”, and so on. That employees and students are forced not to work but forced to waste their time in such seminaries and/or forced to simply memorise endlessly long lists of Academic jargon and drivel is just more evidence that the monopolistic future is near, and that the capitalist market that gave birth to monopolism is about to end.


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