Can Muslim Men Really Stop Modernism?

There are always good and bad reasons to criticize something. For instance, Marxism should be criticized for its (anthropological) optimism and the idea that men and women should have the same rights. (In that regard, American cuckservatism, having turned “real equality” and a Masonic constitution into idols, is very “Marxist” itself.) Marxism should not be criticized because poverty is seen as holier and more “Christian” than wealth or something.

   Same with Islam; Islam should be criticized for being a wrong religion, immigration should be criticized because the ruling class only wants open borders in order to import low-wage workers, to drive down wages, drive up rents, make strikes impossible and destroy Christianity. When it comes to destroying Syria, Iraq, Libya, they couldn’t care less about “Islamophobia.” Islam should not be criticized for the fact that some Muslims rightly believe that God is the ultimate authority not secular law, that religious knowledge is always more important than secular knowledge, that “gender equality” is heretical nonsense and that the USA is a Satanic empire of evil.

   The question however is if Muslim Men will really have the power and the spirit and the intelligence to stop modernism. It seems to me that this idea that Muslim men will stop modernism and eventually punish Western women for their sins, is based on this deeply flawed idea of historical justice. In comment sections these days, men go on and on about how women will eventually regret their transgressions because Muslim men will come and punish them. But what happened to Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism; to white men, to black men in the West and to Jewish men, might as well happen to Muslim men. And who even says that women would actually dislike being Muslims? Or that the Muslim women of today actually dislike being Muslims?

   Women are usually the conservative part in every social setting; they are usually the ones who support the powers that be. If these powers that be (in the West) would eventually support wearing the Hijab and praying five times a day – women might fall for it and support it as fiercely as they support gay marriage and the destruction of the nation state with its borders right now. Also, the idea of high-status men having harems is pretty much compatible with female hypergamy; and the feminist idea of male disposability is also compatible with the traditional kind of conservatism we can observe in a religion where men blow themselves up to get their 72 virgins.


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