Who Cares What Women Want

I’m a feminist who loves rough sex“, “I’m a queer little“, “How I reconciled feminism with my first step into the dark side of BDSM” – put “feminism and BDSM” into a search engine and you’ll find dozens upon dozens of articles in the monopolized fake news media telling you how stronk feminist womyn have stopped worrying and loved to learn the whip. Meanwhile, Return of Kings et al. are also eager to praise BDSM as something women “secretly” want (but just don’t want admit), and men should hence do.

   What these 50 shades of feminism all have in common is that they are only concerned about what women want. Sure, right-wing feminists and left-wing feminists can’t quite agree on what it is that they want (and if what they say they want really is what they want), but they share the same gynocentric view on men and women; they both go out from the question, “What do women want?” and then try to answer this question. Antifeminism isn’t about giving a different answer to the question, “What do women (secretly) want”, it is about asking other questions: What do men actually want? And why the heck do we always just care about what women want!?

   “Man is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man. For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.” (1 Corinthians 11:7) Genesis also tells us that Satan tempted Eve by telling her that she could be like God, while Adam was tempted to listen to his wife and follow her advice. (Both men and women are often tempted to put women in the place of God; just look at how many pagan religions are about motherhood goddesses.) The punishment for sin was death but also that women’s desire is now “contrary to her husband”, i.e. before the fall, the female gladly fulfilled her role to be the submissive helper she was created as – after the fall, she is boisterous and unsubmissive, her desire is “contrary” to her husband. Woman refusing to submit is both sin and the result of sin.

   BDSM is a fake and plastic surrogate for actual dominance and actual submission. Instead of a sweet, warm and submissive helper whose cheeks blush, if you give her a playful slap at her bum, men now have ugly boisterous feminists who want you to spit in her face and whip her and simulate rape like conditions. As a compensation. Internet virgins seem to believe that women being into BDSM is a sign of femininity. But the opposite is true. The more feminist a woman is, the more pain and humiliation she needs in order to feel like a woman in the bedroom. The more feminine a woman is, the less she wants you to hurt and humiliate her. (Which reminds me, btw, that my antifeminist grandmother who said things such, “The world will be ruined once women take over because they are so bitchy”, was nevertheless shocked when she found out about 50 Shades of Grey through TV, and remarked that even she had immediately left her husband and went back to her parents if her husband would have done something like that to her.)

    This “consensual” fake plastic “dominance” in BDSM is pathetic. Women want to reduce men to dogs that look dark and dangerous and threatening when they bark – and yet they are on the leash of the female who snaps with her once to turn him into a plastic “master” in the bedroom, then snaps with her fingers twice to turn him into feminist beta cuckboi again. Also, anyone who has some real experience with this whole “BDSM scene” knows that BDSM is part of the LGBTBBQ+ movement. It’s all just queer and degenerate and this desire to hurt and to humiliate is all just part of the symptom, not part of the cure.

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"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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3 Responses to Who Cares What Women Want

  1. V. says:

    BDSM has always bothered me but I could never quite put my finger on it; it smacks (heh) of degeneracy, certainly, but the why eluded me. I sort of passively tolerated the idea as long as it was the male who was dominant, but never felt comfortable with it. But you’ve hit the nail on the head; for women dominance is a drug and the more a masculine a woman is, the higher her tolerance, and as you wrote “the more pain and humiliation she needs in order to feel like a woman in the bedroom”. Brilliant. It explains the bitchy chicks who swoon over 50 Shades and the nice guys I know who had to roleplay drown their hairy sasquatch girlfriends.

    If I were to defend RoK (the writers of which have a very broad range of views), BDSM as a fad is a reflection that women do in fact secretly yearn to submit and be dominated (by worthy men), although not necessarily BDSM itself. (The taboo stigma is still attached, meaning excitement, meaning “fun”, and also the 50 Shades story involves the cliché romcom plot of “saving” aka taming the beloved cad.) As you said, though, an interest in BDSM is a desire that’s run amok and shouldn’t necessarily be indulged.

    Great blog, by the way. Found my way over via Patriactionary’s hat tip.

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    • Thanks!

      As for BDSM, it always felt too “queer” and rainbow-colored to me. It’s not that I believe that only missionary style sex once a week and after dusk etc. is allowed, but at least to me personally it never felt like actual dominance. It felt not like masculinity but like clown make up, so to speak. “It puts the lotion on or it gets the whip!”

      But I think it has been really bothering me since I first ran into that kind of man who insults antifeminists as pathetic losers etc. while simultaneously professing his masculinity by flaunting his experience with BDSM. And then of course all these “feminists outside the bedroom” types. I once even met a woman who used that gay term “power bottom” to describe herself and “the guy who sometimes doms me” to describe her partner. It’s just disgusting!

      I still don’t believe that “kinky” sex is sinful (I just feel like writing this because people might expect it from someone who quotes the Bible etc.) but it turned from something I’m just personally not into, into something that annoyed me more on a “social” level; like a cheap surrogate for REAL power and for REAL dominance.


      • V. says:

        What goes on between the sheets of a husband and wife is basically between them and God, no doubt. But as a cultural phenomenon, all you have to do is break down the acronym BDSM to see, face value, something is fundamentally broken. In a way, it’s actually very, very sad. It’s a faulty simulacrum of the natural order.


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