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Ideology is saying “elites” instead of ruling class. (They wish they were elites!) A similarly ideological euphemism is “globalization” or, pseudo-oppositional, “globalism.” What we are actually witnessing is the worldwide spread of the capital of a very few American corporations who rule the world through nuclear blackmail and are only therefore “international” or “global.” This process results in the worldwide convergence of all economical processes and the convergence of all living standards on a very low level. The monopolised capital either goes to misery (e.g. outsourcing jobs to India and China, Mexico, etc.) and/or imports misery (mass-immigration of low-wage workers) until all of the oppressed class is equally susceptible for economic blackmail.

   This is the simple reason why racism against immigrants has come out of fashion, but a racist and imperialist attitude towards their native countries that need to be “liberated”, has not. “Globalization” (or, pseudo-oppositional, “globalism”) however implies that this is an almost geological process, something that is inevitable, without any alternative and quasi natural, just like the sun shining upon both the evil and on the good. These terms are euphemisms for the world domination of the monopolised US mega-capital, and instead of criticizing imperialism and monopolism, both liberals and the alt-right focus on the “global” element instead. As a result, liberals can only offer a vague kind of individualism as an alternative, and the alt-right, focusing on the globalist elites’ globalism, a kind of anti-intellectual tribalism. The idea of a rational worldwide strategy, a rational “globalization” of the oppressed classes working together isn’t even supposed to come up; the idea must be subconsciously burdened. Even simple kinds of simple national protectionism, as flawed and imperfect as they are, aren’t even supposed to ever be discussed (under penalty of outsourcing and war).

   As wicked and despicable as someone like George Soros is, I do believe that both right-wingers and liberals redditors who explain or defend his actions by pointing out him surviving World War II in Nazi-occupied Hungary, are wrong in believing that he is mainly motivated by “metaphysical” goals;  one of the saddest “red pills” to swallow is that the ruling class is not a race or an occult group, trying to achieve a metaphysical goal of some sorts, but simply opposed to the nation state and borders because they want cheap labor. They want mass immigration in order to drive down the wages, drive up the rents and make strikes impossible. Without competition between the monopolised mega-capital, there will be even more competition among those who don’t own any capital, and are hence forced to more and more brutally compete with each other for “jobs” that are increasingly worse paid, offer increasingly little security and are needed to pay increasingly higher rents.

    (Also, the Roman Church and generally churches that are intermingled if not outright dependent from the state, haven’t simply become “cucked” but are still the tools, the puppets of the ruling class. It’s just that this ruling class doesn’t want competition with other nation states anymore and hence they don’t want their tools and puppets to promote nationalism anymore. Now they want open borders and hence their tools and puppets promote open borders.)

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