Hands off Syria! Hands off North Korea!

Syria and especially Assad represent everything the “free West” hates from the bottom of its capitalist heart: the sovereign nation state, independence from the US, a coalition with Russia (that has one of their last bases in Syria) and an at least slightly socialist domestication of the “free market”, the “free West” worships (almost) religiously. Assad signed his death warrant when he refused to join the imperialist war against the sovereign people of Iraq in 2003, when President Saddam Hussein was murdered in order to create the barbaric chaos we can witness today.

   Also, happy slaves are the bitterest enemies of actual freedom, and every happy slave and every content servant hates the dignity and the pride of the free soul that remains standing upright and despite all blows of all whips just refuses to worship Caesar. Syria displays dignity in weakness, and abject Western wretches simply cannot bear to see this, for it shows them every day what the difference is between a sovereign people with a sovereign statesman, and a bunch of disposable underlings for whom it is no longer enough that citizens submit, but who now demand accomplices.

   There is no reason to idealize Assad (or Hussein or Gaddafi for that matter) but you just have to compare Assad to the sheikhs of Saudi-Arabia the US loves so much, to Erdogan and to Qatar to know on whose side you should be. We also shouldn’t hold it against Assad that the Mullahs of Iran support him. They simply know who, after the destruction of Syria, would be next on the menu of American imperialism: “Nam pirata non est ex perduellium numero definitus, sed communis hostis omnium.” (“For the pirate is not counted among the enemies of the state, but he is the common enemy of all.”)

  That being said, no matter if it’s China or Iran, Russia or North Korea; every at least somewhat independent, somewhat sovereign country that has the potential to put up at least somewhat of a resistance against the total Gleichschaltung, the total forcing into line, under the (ideological) dominion of US mega-capital, shall be wiped out and destroyed like Iraq under Saddam Hussein; no matter how much oil they do or don’t have, no matter how much of a threat they are or are not.

  Monoimperialism after the end of the Eastern bloc is now followed by the monopolization of capital (every non-American mini-capital shall be destroyed, so American billionaires can rule over all the earth). It doesn’t matter if a country, a state, makes “good” or “bad” usage of its independence, it if uses said independence to support or to oppress the Christian churches; the fact that it is at least somewhat independent must make it an enemy in the eyes of the wicked US Empire. And empire, that is also waging war against Christ – it’s not like they are defenders of Christ at least at home and that at least the US Christians would profit from this rainbow-colored kind of imperialism.

  Trump having flirted with Russia and isolationism during his campaign simply had to make himself an enemy of the ruling class and their meme replicators (= journalists, teachers, professors, “activists”, artists, etc.). Once the last pitiful remainders of national sovereignty are destroyed, we will all be finally enslaved; then, it won’t even suffice for proper wars or “economic crises” anymore (topics for some other posts), then the whole world will simply be in the hands of US mega-capital; then, there won’t be any place left in the whole wide word where some powerful, effective resistance and competition could grow around non-American capital. After all, all Political power grows out of the barrels of guns that need to be payed. Without economic competition there will also be no philosophical competition. (This is something many Americans seem to understand far better than many idealistic Europeans.)

   Now, Before someone replies that North Korea isn’t a free country, it is important to note that only sovereign nations have the potential to eventually become free nations. Only sovereign nations can become free nations. It is not guaranteed that a sovereign nation will become a free nation (North Korea is obviously terrible); but that a non-sovereign country (essentially a colony with slaves) will be an unfree country, that is guaranteed!


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"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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