Faux Masculinity

Recently, we went to a Chinese restaurant with the family and my brother made some lame jokes about me picking vegetables and tofu from the buffet. I found this in so far interesting, as he isn’t the kind of guy who otherwise has any problems with accepting mass-immigration, “refugees” and Islam, “women’s rights”, etc. But of course, most men living here in Western Europe don’t. There is, however, a rather bizarre kind of surrogate masculinity, a faux masculinity. While many men these days are completely neutered cucks, they are yet (or because of that) practically obsessed with professing their masculinity by only listening to heavy metal music, only eating unhealthy fast food, playing violent video games, watching action movies, and so on. If you were to tell them that you love your Lord Jesus Christ, they’d cringe; but they don’t have any problems with open borders, mass-immigration, Islam, “gender equality” and a whole system that essentially works against the interests of men just like them.

    Then again, it’s getting increasingly hard to tell what they really believe, because it’s the women who are getting increasingly political and politically aggressive, while many men just shamefully drop their gaze when politics come up, and just seem to hope that the topic will change soon. Women, however, rant on and on about the “refugees” and “equality”, while being “politically incorrect” (or “based”) essentially just means that they propose other strategies to achieve “equality” (market not state), and make out other enemies to the false god of “equality” (Muslim and not Christian men). There are men who don’t want to tell the women they are interested in, which party they vote for and which opinions they hold, but I’ve never heard of any woman being afraid of telling a man about her preferred method and party to achieve “equality” and “diversity.” Men approach “dating” like a job interview; and it’s the women who even ask the political questions. 

    Many modern men somehow pull off the feat of being both completely neutered cucks and yet they behave like absurd caricatures of masculinity; like big, black dogs that look intimidating and bark loudly, but are effectively on the leash of the female and with their balls having being surgically removed. Only on command do they bark to the female’s delight and pretend that there’s something raw in them left. Like in the bedroom where these masculinized females want them to perform a just as faux kind of “dominance”, to hurt and to humiliate them in some degenerate 50 shades of BDSM games -the more radical the more feminist she is- before they’re ordered to drop the act again. Talking about violence, I miss the olden days when guys on the internet just threatened to find and to fight you IRL. These days, however, more and more guys I debate with on the internet aren’t even aggressive but, rather, shockingly sarcastic and snarky; their whole attitude just characterised by such an effeminate kind of a jaded cynicism, like that of a skinnyfat Jewish faggot talking about Evangelicals.

   Indeed, we do see “laughably artificial “tribes” forming around such trivialities as music styles, fashion, films, and cringe-worthy fandom based on TV cartoons such as anime”, and I guess, this too is a kind of plastic surrogate, a faux nationalism for the faux masculinity. I don’t know how it is in the US but in Europe, even in the West, men sometimes literally fight each other because they prefer different soccer clubs, and you have hooligans and fan clubs, literally fighting each other, blood might even flow, some people might get seriously injured, just because they prefer different soccer clubs! It’s so pathetic. Sometimes, the only thing I hate more than white Western women are white Western men – and their faux masculinity that is pro “equality”, pro mass-immigration and pro open-borders but anti-intellectual, anti-art, anti-poetry, anti-Christian. 


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"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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