In Light of Recent Events…


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3 Responses to In Light of Recent Events…

  1. Will S. says:

    This is that preacher who said The Eagles of Death Metal brought the Bataclan attack upon themselves, because of the kind of music they make; they’re not even a death metal band, that’s just their jokey name. And while I would probably agree with his criticisms of secularist France, he has little credibility in my books, so I can’t be arsed to watch any of his vids, or listen to anything he has to say.

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    • Smultronstallet says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean, but to me, these kind of preachers often feel like a breath of fresh air. There’s just so much lukewarm dirt out there, so much philosemitism, such a neoconservative obsession with Israel, dispensationalism, womyn’s rights, etc. etc. So watching a guy like this holding a sermon entitled “the Jews and their lies” is just refreshing at times.

      Then again, I absolutely think that people should read, say, Aquinas and this is a guy who would have put me to death for saying that Popery is heretical! So personally I sometimes gladly listen to people I STRONGLY disagree with on other topics. (I hate dispensationalism but I still like to listen to John MacArthur occasionally.)

      As for that Eagles of Death Metal guy, I think somewhere in that sermon he quotes him saying that “he is deeply religious” and felt that “the devil has given me that song”, and cheerfully offering drugs to teenage fans coming backstage, etc. So while I, of course, don’t believe that God punishes people for preferring metal over renaissance music, there are some issues here left that are at least more complicated.

      And would then lead to this whole debate about how Islamization is the disease or actually just a symptom. These Muslims are more like the common cold you could actually get easily rid off, especially in this day and age. But modernism is the AIDS that is killing your immune system to a point where even the common cold can kill you. What exactly is part of “modernism” would be worth another debate, of course, but … yeah.

      (With Anderson I rather disagree because he’s opposed to all 5 petals of the “Calvinist” Tulip and said that he doesn’t have any advice for people with homosexual desires other than to kill themselves(!!!) – so he promotes suicide AND ignores 1 Corinthians 6:11 – “And such WERE some of you….”)


      • Will S. says:

        I hear you. And there are folks who I may have much disagreements on some things, but like them enough on others, that I can appreciate them in certain regards; e.g. the British YouTube personality Pat Condell, who is on one hand an annoying axe-grinding atheist, is also fully cognizant of the Islamic threat to the West (though sadly rabidly Zionist, like Geert Wilders), and so I can enjoy his vids when he’s ‘on message’, so to speak.

        I didn’t even know Anderson is an axe-grinding anti-Calvinist; that’s another strike against him in my books (I mean, I can expect that from a Catholic or Orthodox priest, but it annoys me when evangelical or fundamentalists are obsessively anti-Reformed).

        I have sometimes wondered if the more visible fundy Baps like Anderson or the late Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church folks are prog moles, on the take from Soros et al. I mean, they’re such a useful foil for progs to smear all Christians with, that if they didn’t exist, progs would surely invent them.


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