Divide and Conquer

An addendum to my thoughts on racism: it is well known that ancient Rome could only maintain its leadership in the Latin league due to the proverbial strategy of “divide et impera”, divide and rule. In that league, there were approximately twice as many armed “socii” and “Latini” combined than there were armed “cives Romani”, citizens of Rome. But since it wasn’t a union and even “league” only a term coined by modern historians, all these different cities only were in contact and allied with Rome itself, and not with each other.  It was obviously in the interest of Rome to prevent them from uniting and from uniting against Rome. Today, various political movements from Alex Jones to Bernie Sanders accuse the “elites” to use the very same strategy. They can’t quite agree on whether it’s the “white supremacists” or #blacklivesmatter that fall for the evil schemes of the “elites”, but they do agree on the idea that these “elites” want to divide us and hence prevent us from holding hands and singing Kumbaya and then attack our real enemies, whoever they may be.

    The historical truth however is that freedom, education, prosperity and relative security were never really promoted but rather only tolerated by the various ruling classes. They tolerated it only as long as they needed it in conflicts and in competition with the ruling classes of other nations. The monopolized ruling class, freed from all serious and soon from any military and economical competition at all, is also freed from the necessity to have intelligent citizens (not only to work as, say, scientists but also as people who create wealth and prosperity, not making a revolution because they want to try out other systems that seem to work better for the people of other nations). In the age of US monoimperialism, citizens subjects can easily be infantilized again. These subjects don’t even develop a significant amount of “ego strength” anymore, and therefore it is not even necessary anymore to use all kinds of drastic and complicated means to forcefully break their egos. Old propaganda posters and movies often seem so weird and comical to us, because back then, more forceful means were needed to get people to think what they were supposed to think. The modern Westerner can rather imagine the end of the world than the end of multicultural capitalism, and without having developed a healthy “ego”, it is not even necessary to break his ego using torture like in Clockwork Orange or in 1984

    Likewise, the ideological and economical demands of monoimperialism have turned nationalism and racism into absolutely undesirable and unwanted ideologies. They were once tools of the competing ruling classes (here I slightly disagree with Kerry Bolton, I guess, because I believe that there indeed was a point in the past where racism was occasionally used to “divide and conquer”), but now they are disturbing, interfering elements, various groups of dirty working class people sometimes try to use to defend a little benefit that was once granted to them when their was still competition. But with the impera being sufficient and only one group ruling anyway, the divide is no longer necessary and wanted. So, I’m rather skeptical about this idea that the ruling class wants to divide us and prevent us all from uniting and then fighting against them or the Jews or the Jesuits or whatever. Rather, they want a world with raceless, genderless, Godless, nationless, cultureless working nomads. Ahasvers with smartphone, all “united” and living in “peace” with each other – not the beautiful kind of peace, of course, but the cemetery kind of “peace”: here rest in peace, all tribes, tongues and nations of the world…

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