Sanctified Through Thy Truth

1. “Once Orlov stuffed himself with mashed peas and died. And Krylov found out about it and then died as well. And Spiridonov died all by himself. And Spiridonov’s wife fell off the sideboard and also died. And Spiridonov’s children drowned in the pond. And then Spirodonov’s grandmother took to drink and hit the road. And Mikhailovich stopped combing his hair and caught the scabies. And Kruglov sketched a woman with a whip in her hands and went out of his mind. And Perekhrestov received four hundred roubles by wire and boasted so much that they had to fire him. All good people but just can’t keep a cool head.” Author: Daniil Kharms, arrested by the NKVD in 1942 for “spreading defeatism”, died of starvation in a Soviet prison the same year, and always a good medicine when you’re feeling down from the fact that even good people can’t keep a cool head at times.

2. Plato lets Simmias say to Socrates that one should “take the best and most irrefragable of human theories, and let this be the raft upon which he sails through life—not without risk, as I admit, if he cannot find some word [logos] of God which will more surely and safely carry him.” (Phaedo 2.65) – To which Augustine replied that the only thing that distinguishes “us” (=Christians) from the Platonists is the belief that there is indeed such a Logos that became flesh (John 1:14). What does it mean that the Logos became flesh? It means that “tout ce qui arrive est adorable.” (Léon Bloy); that “everything that happens is adorable.” What is the Logos that became flesh? It He is not merely someone who brings a truth but He is the truth (John 14:6). “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17 ESV), your word is aletheia, ἀλήθεια, not an adjective (meaning “your word is true“) but a noun, “your word is truth.”

3. Christ’s prayer for unity (John 17:21) has often been misused as an argument for ecumenism and church unity irrespective of doctrine and practices. However, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ must seek unity only in a way that honors said prayer, “Sanctify them truth thy truth.” (KJV) There is no true unity without a common faith in the teachings of the inerrant Bible, along with a common life of holiness.

4. Since Nietzsche (or arguably since Hume), the underpinning assumptions of the old debate on the existence (or the nature) of God have dramatically changed. The classical arguments for the existence of God all attempted to show that God exists; but they all assumed that truth exists as well, and that the world is based on structures that are accessible through reason. These structures were supposed to be originated from God, but since they were immediately accessible to us, they could lead us to this origin of God Himself. “Even we knowers of today, we godless anti-metaphysicians, still take our fire, too, from the flame lit by the thousand-year-old faith, the Christian faith which was also Plato’s faith, that God is truth; that truth is divine.”, says Nietzsche. But this very idea was an illusion for Nietzsche, “truths are illusions of which one has forgotten that they are illusions“, he said, believing there is no such thing as “the truth”, but only either use- or harmful idiosyncrasies. “We should not imagine that the world turns to us a readable face”, Michel Foucault later added, and Richard Rorty then simply replaced the former quest for understanding with a quest for social hope. 

5. It simply is an intellectual declaration of bankruptcy when people with Nietzsche avatars go on about “modernism” and “Cultural Marxism”, not being aware of the fact that the very same postmodernists (like Michel Foucault, this homosexual Frenchman and staunch supporter of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and intellectual predecessor of “Everything is just a construct”-feminists such as Judith Butler) have much better reason to see themselves in a Nietzschean tradition. The same is true for their current darling, Jordan B. Peterson, who stands in a Jungian tradition about the “collective unconsciousness”, about becoming balanced with the archetypes who don’t have to literally be truth to have a symbolic kind of truth, and are de facto simply about feeling good, it’s all just about feelings, about feelings of the self, about “self-actualization” and about “sorting yourself out.”

6. Charles Péguy once defined a “modernist” as someone who doesn’t believe what he believesIt is not only liberal mainline churches who stand accused as heretical modernists but also all these alt-right-ish people who LARP as Roman gladiators contemplating conversion to Orthodoxy. They too don’t have faith in God but faith in faith; they don’t believe in God, they believe in religion and its effects on a people’s birth rate. The only difference is that some modernist who don’t actually care about God and the Bible use religion for a “liberal”, while other modernists who don’t actually care about God and the Bible use religion for a “reactionary” agenda. A great many Christian places who profess to be an alternative to the heresies of modernism, are themselves nothing more than dens of iniquity, in which these oily manwhores commit spiritual adultery with the Romish antichrist. 

7. Or with Orthodox Patriarchs. Western OrthoLARPers (or maybe OrthoHipsters, attending churches you’ve probably never heard of) are of course the latest craze these days. Just like their yoga pants-wearing sisters they love religions their parents don’t belong to, ideally Eastern religions from Eastern countries where people have less teeth but more faith. And just like the sexual cuckold fantasizes about a man of raw masculinity coming and commanding his wife, they fantasize about a raw man coming from the wild, wild East, and conquering his church. Furthermore, just like their pansexual little brother roleplays as a Japanese girl on the internet, they LARP as deep Orthodox monks from the Russian steppe. They even have their own substitute nationalism, as can easily be seen if you dare to say something remotely critical about Russian history or Orthodoxy on some of these alt-right-ish blogs. Then, these Westerners become just as nasty as European liberals who lecture Americans about guns.

8. Andrei Sinyavsky, the great Russian dissident whose “voice from the chorus” reached the world in the 1970s from a Soviet gulag, once noted that “One should not believe out of habit, nor out of tradition, nor because one is afraid of death; not because it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, not because one is forced to believe, nor because of humanist or philosophical reasons, not even to save one’s soul and not be original and unique. One should believe in God simply because God exists.” Amen! And we should also not believe because we hope that Christianity might be a weapon against Islam or against feminism, but because it’s true and it’s truth. It feels to me as if ecumenism is not motivated by a desire for peace but driven by a disregard for God’s word. But if this wicked Argentinian Jesuit who leads this NGO that works on behalf of Islam, immigrants and Jewry, and that dares to call itself the Catholic (=universal) church were to die right now, the fire of his punishment would never cease.

9. The relativism of the Western world is not a very tolerant ideology. After all, it wants to get rid off everyone who doesn’t want to “deconstruct” all his deeply held religious beliefs. Everything is subjective and everyone who disagrees with the idea that everything is subjective is objectively evil: non-Western Christians for instance who don’t particularly care about “gay marriage.” But it weren’t the Jehovah’s Witness, going from door to door, who threatened peace; it were the Nazis who put them into concentration camps, and the liberals now who essentially work on the criminalization of Christianity, up to an absurd, Kafkaesque point where even not baking a cake is considered to be a criminal act. It is not longer enough for the citizen to simply submit – Babylon demands accomplices. 

10. We have to resist the temptation to give up religious truths for the sake of political comradery. Tolerance once implied to accept that others hold to different truths, not to give up our ideas of truth themselves. It’s very sad to see that so many Protestant Christians are unwilling to utter the least amount of criticism directed at Catholodoxy; and it’s even sadder to see that the opposite does not seem to be the case. While Russia is making it harder and harder for independent churches to survive, and the Catholodox on the internet make no secret out of the fact how much they despise the true Church, it’s mostly lukewarm cultural Protestants who immediately clutch their pearls and jump to the defense of Catholodoxy whenever someone voices his opposition towards them. We must somehow find a way to defend the concept of truth (and vice versa of heretical errors and damnable lies) against both left-wing and right-wing modernists, while simultaneously work together against feminists, neoconservatives and “globalists.” “Nam pirata non est ex perduellium numero definitus, sed communis hostis omnium.” – “For the pirate is not counted among the enemies of the state, but he is the common enemy of all.” To sum up: we should be good people and together fight against this common enemy of all, but still keep a cool head about it and neither make excuses for the first nor for the third Rome.


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