Here’s to Open Borders: Heineken’s Billionaire Heiress Wants an “Open World”

Capital either wants to go to misery (“outsourcing”) or import misery (“Refugees welcome!”) or both.  It wants to maximize competition among working class folks to make them more disposable, to lower their wages and to make them more frugal. Lower wages, higher rents: this is the simple materialist reason why Capital wants free trade and open borders; this is why it has long used immigration to move different ethnic groups throughout the world like pawns on a chessboard.

   Indians were sent to Fiji to cut sugar canes while Chinese people were sent to Canada, to South Africa and the United States to work on railways. Meanwhile, Irishmen, who were already accustomed to live “in any pig-hutch, their food consisting of potatoes and potatoes only”, were gladly welcomed in England because these uppity English punks still dared to demand more than whiskey and potatoes, and someone needed to acquaint them with the minimum of the necessities of life. The Wirtschaftswunder of 1950s Germany, i.e. the era of economic growth after World War II, was first “tackled” by importing Turkish workers, and the US Immigration Act of 1965 laid the foundation for the ethnic replacement of European Americans (and, ironically, the destruction of the African-American working class. African-Americans had been developing a relatively stable working class for some years and a delicate middle class with some economic success as small business owners when the foundation for their destruction was laid during the Civil Rights Era.)

   Not even mentioning other, let alone all, waves of mass-migration (such as the swamping of Australia by Asians) now, we can sum up the whole matter by noting that “No Nations! No Borders!” is just as much a corporate slogan as it is the slogan of a spoiled and pampered ANTIFA youth, rioting to emphasize their demands for less “racism” and for more immigration. This is why it can’t be repeated enough that “whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same.” (Alain de Benoist) A “race conscious” Capitalism that takes into consideration the well-being of low-status Aryans is a pipedream or a contradiction just as the liberal idea of a “conscious Capitalism” (to be achieved once 50% of all CEOs are females) is. At least Mrs de Carvalho-Heineken, based in Switzerland and with a net worth higher than that of Donald Trump (who, compared to some other billionaires is a small fish anyway and as a building contractor even dependent on the American domestic market) apparently only cares about the color green:



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4 Responses to Here’s to Open Borders: Heineken’s Billionaire Heiress Wants an “Open World”

  1. V. says:

    weak comment, but hopefully you’ll pardon the foul language.


  2. V. says:

    it is unfortunate, though, that the noblesse oblige that once really was (e.g., English nobility serving in WWI) is no more, other than the virtue signaling that passes for it. even the ones that really do make an effort, like bono, end up making things worse: the road paved with good intentions, as with the too-rapid dismantling of apartheid. it may have needed to go, but it was done far too quickly, and foolishly. (to be fair to celebs like bono, they are often uneducated regularfolk with broken childhoods only granted fame and fortune later in life.) and noblesse oblige is owed to your own people, not the entire globe; perhaps not unrelated to why the concept of “your people” is so unpopular nowadays.

    but the other truth so forgotten in regards to open borders, is the untold damage endless brain draining does to lesser economies. when all the best and brightest leave the third world and go West for better opportunities, what does that leave for the third world? i should try to find the original article, but among the countless sob stories about the uptick in deportations (which are near always carried out under Obama-era orders), one actually bothered to quote a Mexican academic who admitted that in 10 years, the Mexican economy would be far better off with all the ambitious, hardworking DREAMers back home.


  3. V. says:

    Yup. Do immigrants compete for the best jobs, or are they doing our dirty work?

    It’s a frequent occurrence that while talking with someone, it comes out that neither of us will have any interest in going to India. I’d rather check out Iran, Syria, South Africa… heck, North Korea is probably good for some stories (if you make it back). It was even a Seinfeld joke, when an Indian family refuses to attend their son’s wedding because it’s in India.


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