Feminisation? What Feminisation?

In many ways, our society hasn’t become “feminized”, but quite the opposite, has become far more masculine.

  For instance, there is far more brutal economic competition out there in the jungle these days. More and more people are competing for the same, if not for a reduced, amount of jobs and apartments. Some boomer’s apple pie conservatism simply cannot change the fact that it has become increasingly hard to find good employment, let alone afford a freakin’ house.

  Furthermore, while both left-wingers as well as right-wingers, both liberals as well as conservatives, accept the female politician, the female pantsuit (just consider how many alt-right-ish parties are led or co-led by women, and that in the US, Ivanka can easily be used as a tool to make her father bomb whole countries), they do not accept the feminine man. We might witness a faux masculinity that is shallow and empty, but what we do not witness is the political, social and female embracement of feminine and/or low-status men. Masculinized women have not become to embrace feminine men, but have degenerated into coarse and filthy BDSM whores who need to get tortured by sociopathic billionaires, raped by ghetto thugs and enslaved by Arab radicals in order to get off.

  One might even say that an arms race has developed, an escalation of masculinity, in which the masculinization of women has resulted in a demand for even “stronger” and more masculine men. Since men, at the same time, are getting increasingly disenfranchised, and never allowed to develop actual strength, actual dominance, and gain actual power, it is not much of a surprise that so many men these days feel cruel and yet effeminate, aggressive and yet cowardly, bossy and yet spineless, hard and yet soft. Modern man is either soft as butter or he has a heart of stone.


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2 Responses to Feminisation? What Feminisation?

  1. V. says:

    There is a strain of thought within feminism that critiques the fact that “empowerment” in film usually amounts to little more than tacking boobs onto action heroes. (I’m guessing something like Frozen River is more up their alley.) But this is drowned out by the shrieks of excitement from bull dyke plebes, lipstick lesbians, and “this is what a feminist looks like” nerdfags. You’re right, gender roles have really only shifted for women – their side of the Venn diagram squashed into the men’s side. Not that the degenerate elite isn’t trying for equal opportunity here, what with encouraging young boys to wear dresses and make-up. The end goal, apparently, is manly women and girly men.

    (To be fair, Gadot’s WW does exhibit some grace and wisdom, but that’s not what’s got feminists gushing.)

    It is interesting that Warner Bros. handed this $150m tentpole comic book project to woman whose only other feature film was the comparatively low-budget 2003 drama Monster, about a lesbian prostitute who goes on a killing spree after getting raped.


    • Yeah, true; admittedly, there are definitely attempts to make boys embrace make-up, skirts and whatnot. But even that is usually framed as evidence of them having been born with a female brain. So I guess it remains to be seen how all of that will play out in the end. Because there are obviously conflicting beliefs regarding femininity, empowerment, the idea of “female brains” vs. the idea that everything is a social construct and so on.

      But just consider skirts; there are still small independent churches left where women are shunned for wearing pants. That used to be a big deal! Women wearing pants. But these days, I’m not even sure if people are even AWARE that an opposition to women wearing pants ever existed. They are aware that some people are still opposed to “gay marriage” – but the idea of men and women wearing distinctly different clothes, pants for men, skirts for women … they can’t even grasp the concept.


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