10 Things “Radical” Muslims Are (Sadly) Right About

Women must be submissive and obedient to men, kept out of politics, and, if necessary, be disciplined. Since they are not equal to men, they should not have equal rights to men.

2. Sodomy is a grave sin, and societies that openly promote and celebrate the filthy, wicked sin of sodomy are under the just wrath of God.

3. God’s law is more important than secular law, and we must obey God rather than men.

4. The fellowship of the believers is more important than “fellowships” based on nation, race and other worldly ideologies.

5. Western capitalism is just as wicked as communism. Capitalism is not part of the solution, but part of the problem and just the other side of the same wicked coin.

6. The USA is (largely?) a satanic empire of evil. It is a monstrous and imperialist force bombing and murdering people for money, power, Israel and allegedly for gay and women’s rights that shouldn’t even exist in the first place! A country that employs a military in which impoverished transsexuals, rebellious females and genderqueer mulattos might enroll and end up torturing innocent men to bring them the joys of feminism and “democracy.”

7. The Western system must be opposed and prevented from spreading like a cancer that is threatening to destroy the whole planet.

8. Jews are (more often than not) a problem, and Jews are a problem not because of their genetical machinery but because of spiritual and of ideological issues.

9. While greed and economic injustice are evil/s first and foremost from a spiritual point of view, materialism itself cannot make people happy and must likewise be opposed.

10. God is just and therefore will (continue to / increasingly) punish the Western world.



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"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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