Islam: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part 1)

German author Thomas Mann once noted that “those who want to achieve something will always be superior in strength to those who only want to prevent something.” Sadly, this describes quite well the dividing line between those who struggle for the cause of Islam, and the colorful coalition that wants to prevent Islam from, well, something they can’t yet agree on. But while homosexual Jews and “politically incorrect” women’s right activists are calling on the men of the West to “man up” and fight against Islamic cissexism, both Christian and non-Christian right-wingers are effectively cucking and castrating themselves in order to profess that they are not like ISIS: not holding to objective truth, not wanting to “obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29), not being opposed to the filthy sin of sodomy and of course not being opposed to the anti-Christian concept of “gender equality.”

   It is said that the Ayatollah Khomeini was once told that he had taken Iran 300 years backwards with his Islamic revolution, to which he replied that this would just be the beginning since he intended to take it back 1400 years to the times of the Prophet Mohammed and the Amir al-Mu’minin, the “Leaders of the Faithful.” Meanwhile, most Western “traditionalists”, “anti-modernists” and “reactionaries” just want to get back to the 80s. Scratch an “alt-right” Westerner and you will find an apple pie conservative who accuses you of being just as bad as ISIS (or a theonomist in the unlikely case that he still knows what that word actually means) for pointing to the anti-sodomy laws that in most places were still  enacted as recently as the 1970s, when boomers threw Western civilization away to roleplay John Lennon’s “Imagine” instead.

 Hence, it must first be repeated that Islam is not the disease but only one of its symptoms. Islam is like the common cold; something one can easily get rid off (with borders), but modernism is like AIDS: destroying your immune system until even a mere cold can kill you. So, if you would close all Breitbart tabs with based degenerates speaking out against Bukhari for a change, we could try to have an objective look at Islam. After all, the Bible has much more in common with the Qur’an than with Atlas Shrugged. The real problem is that the white Western world is rotten to the core, and that white Westerners simply destroy everything they touch, no matter if it’s Protestant or Orthodox Christianity. The Western Midas touch does not turn everything into gold, but everything into the same libertarian and capitalist filth.

  Furthermore, it is debatable, if Christians had much to gain from increasing hostility towards Muslims. The official Western commitment to “anti-racism” and “anti-Islamophobia” hasn’t stopped the evil US empire to wreak havoc in the Middle East. Capital either wants to go to misery (outsourcing) or import misery (immigration, refugees welcome); it wants to destroy all nations that are still somewhat independent from the US. Therefore, both Iran and Syria, as little as they have otherwise in common, are attacked while Saudi-Arabia enjoys the protection of the Western world. For 16 years, a kosher “Islamophobia” has proven to be useful only for those who support the imperialist wars of the US empire, and who intended to make Christians shut up by accusing them of being just as bad as terrorists. For at least 16 years, the US has waged war and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, either for power, money and resources, and/or to spread women’s and gay rights. Either to actually spread women’s and gay rights, or just cynically using women’s and gay rights to “pink wash” their wars for power, money and oil. Both cases would be equally despicable. Be that as it may, the current Western world is hardly worth being stressed out over, and I hate white Westerners at least as much as Muslims hate white Westerners.

   Now, for convenience’ sake, I will often say “Muslims” and “Islam” although it should rather be “radical Muslims” (since not all nominal Muslims consider nationalism to be haram, for instance) or “this or that specific group within Islam”, and so on. At the end, I want to talk a bit about my personal experience with nominal Muslims in Europe. This first post however is intended to be nothing more than an introduction. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will have a closer look at Islam in general over the next following days or weeks or however long it might take.


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