Competition and Monopolies

First the good news: Christ is risen! Now for the bad news: the Senate of the evil US Empire has just passed a bill that would toughen sanctions on Russia. Sadly, most people will not even recognize how hypocritical and laughable it is that US Senators, of all people, pretend to care about war crimes, human rights and the sovereignty and dignity of nations outside the American empire. Using religion as a front has been the MO of crooks and scoundrels from the dawn of human history; but while these sinister entities of the past masked their imperialistic and mercantilistic impulses behind a religious facade, the modern US empire now claims to champion the rights of sodomites and of rebellious females.

  Effectively, the USA is either a country that wages war against sovereign nations to bring them gay and women’s rights that shouldn’t even exist in the first place, or a country that only uses gay and women’s rights to “pink wash” the war crimes they commit for power, money and oil. Both cases would be equally despicable. (One of the reasons why the monopolized media of the ruling class is still attempting to bring down Trump is because he is too white, too male and too masculine to sell this cheerful modern rainbow imperialism the same way a mixed raced war criminal like Barack Obama was able to do.)

  At the end of the day, though, the ruling class of the US empire wants to destroy every nation that still enjoys a certain amount of independence, no matter how little they have otherwise in common: Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea. “Liberal” and “conservative” Americans just disagree about the order, the (official) reason and the means one should use to destroy these countries and make them subjects of the same American ruling class. In the grand scheme of things, our only political hope left might be a massive civil war of Syrian proportions in the US, with white people losing, and with the country being torn into different pieces. The world would be a much better place if there were still different world powers left and different ruling classes around; different groups being forced to compete with each other and to offer different things. Economically, a monopolised capital is just as dangerous as the monopolised imperialism that is its political consequence.

  This finally brings me to my disappointment with Steven Anderson’s latest sermon against John Lennon’s “Imagine.” An independent fundamental Baptist really should have a field day dealing with that shitty hippy song. I’m not a Baptist myself, but I was really looking forward to have some light time listening to an old-timey fire and brimstone type going after unwashed hippies! Alas, I hadn’t even passed that new “refugee” camp opposite the supermarket yet when I got angry for the first time. Because Anderson mentions some panhandler who apparently frequents his church not only to listen to his sermons, but also to sit in front of the building, reading the Bible and, well, begging. This offers the Pastor ample opportunity to go after these “lazy punks” who shouldn’t even eat, and who are just sloths and only unemployed because they’re lazy, and who could get a job if they only wanted a job, “especially now where everyone’s hiring”, and yada yada yada.

  Maybe there’s the “just-world” fallacy at play when poor people (and independent fundamental Baptism is, sociologically speaking, a phenomenon of poverty; it’s not the jeunesse dorée but the enfants humiliés who end up attending such churches) who are just one car crash and one broken leg away from ending up on the streets, desperately try to convince themselves that only sloth is to blame for people ending up homeless, and that they themselves have therefore nothing to be afraid of.

  Now, admittedly, I don’t know how the job market in Arizona is right now, and I don’t even believe that the situation there is that much different from the rest of the US and from Northwestern Europe. Which is to say that not unemployment but underemployment  and being poor despite being in employment is the actual and most common threat. That being said and admitted, though, Anderson’s sermon reminded me of two things:

  a) that the main problem with many “politically incorrect” types is not that they are too radical, but that they are too moderate. Most of these right-wing-ish anti-NWO types are just two anti-gay Supreme Court judges away from waving American flags and singing “Bomb Iran!” again. (And many “alt”-Right types basically believe that you just have to remove Jews from capitalism and “constitutionalism” to usher the US into a white utopia.) Anderson himself once said that he used to be patriotic but that he stopped being patriotic. Now, here is a guy who isn’t that much older than I am, which makes you wonder: “When had a millennial guy ever reason to be proud of the USA? When they bombed Belgrade? When they murdered Saddam Hussein? When they promoted feminism? When they worshipped Israel?” Just as the “women’s rights” movement had never been a good thing that was subsequently “stolen” by bad people, “Americanism” had never been a good thing that was only subverted by bad people either.  Or maybe I should write (((bad people))) because Americans dindu nuffin and it’s all the fault of raciss Jews. (“Alt”-right Americans want us to believe that every bad thing the US does is because of Jews, while every bad thing, other nations do is because they’re not as great as the US…)

  b) why preaching such as this was permitted and even desired for a while: because it puts an additional moral pressure on the working class, it requires them to accept the idea that unemployed people are not only losers but wicked, that unemployment is not only an economical and social but also a moral failure. This is the same reason why Capital either goes to misery (outsourcing, “free trade”) or imports misery (immigration, “Refugees welcome!”) – because they want to increase competition and hence pressure to work for lower wages. The more pressure, the better. For them. The less competition there is between the capitalists, the more competition there is between us who don’t own any capital. (By the way, a dirty Marxist secret no one wants to admit is that every society only has a limited amount of work to assign, and that in some cases there simply is too little work for too many people. The only kind of people who can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps are these little Asian women from that Chinese circus there. And billionaires aren’t inventors or Scrooge McDuck types anymore who started out as shoe-shine boys, but in most cases simply heirs. (And some of these heirs who could say with Richard Wagner’s fat dragon Fafner, sleeping on his treasures, “Here I lie and here I hold, let me sleep” probably cause less damage than “creative” Silicon Valley types like Mark Zuckerberg…)

  What we can witness right now is the ruling class replacing the puppets, pawns and willing participants of the past with other puppets, pawns and willing participants. The only problem with Anderson et al. is that they still cling on some of the things that have gone out of fashion. The ideological and economical demands of US monoimperialism have turned all these aggressive and “dividing” beliefs into absolutely undesirable and unwanted ideologies. There simply is no need for “divide and conquer” anymore; with the impera being sufficient now and only one group ruling anyway, the divide is no longer necessary and wanted. Old-timey conservatives worshipping at the altar of Ronald Reagan and seriously talking about “leftist billionaires” are just as foolish as contemporary liberals who support the intersectional imperialism and the rainbow-filtered capitalism of the modern US ruling class.


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