O God! Please strengthen our white brethren when they face discrimination from their intersectional feminist teachers, professors and HR managers. Help them, when they are attacked and used as political props – useful as scapegoats for an assortment of woes, including chronic unemployment and crippling poverty. The evil ruling class has convinced the public that capitalism and imperialism wouldn’t really be capitalistic and imperialistic if only there were more black generals and lesbian CEOs. So please help them, o heavenly Father. And please strengthen our non-white brethren as well. Help them, when they are attacked by rednecks and by queer Nazi hipsters. Help them, when they are accused of having raped a white woman, when they are pushed to accept sodomy and feminism in order to speak out against racism, and when white people go on again about how they’d have to bomb, kill, sanction and boycott all races and countries who don’t care enough about gay and women’s rights. Help them, when they are used as scapegoats and discriminated against because some white idiot believed that hurting them would hurt George Soros. So please keep them all safe, o Lord, and prevent them from going crazy like so many others. Don’t let them suffer all too much in this life, but let them be supremely happy in the life to come, Amen.


About Smultronstallet

"My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." - Philippians 1:23
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