Islam Is Not the Enemy

Carl Schmitt once famously noted that “the specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy”; and that “every religious (…) antithesis transforms into a political one if it is sufficiently strong to group human beings effectively according to friend and enemy.” In other words: politics begin when we start to distinguish between friend and foe. Right now, everyone who opposes the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class is our friend; everyone who defends the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class is our enemy. Consequently, Russia is our friend, Iran is our friend, China is our friend, Assad is our friend, Southern Secessionist-types are our friends and the Philippines might be our friends either. This is not about morality, it is about Realpolitik. Only in a moral framework are there eternal enemies and eternal friends. In the strategical sphere there is no such thing. Politics make strange bedfellows.

We are used to look at the cynical and hateful side of racism, but one of the problems with racism is that it hinders following a sober approach  to politics by being hopelessly and laughably idealistic about the transgressive nature of race. Yeah, yeah, Hitler was a monster and evil incarcerated and yada yada, but he was also an idiot for naively believing that the close racial kinship between white Westerners would make Brits and Americans eventually join his side to fight against these Slavic untermenschen and their Jewish overlords. Modern man either is as soft as butter or he has a heart of stone; and modern man needs to be both in order to believe in an ethnically cleansed utopia where white men and women of all nations and classes will just hold hands and run through wheat fields together.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the floodgates of immigration were opened in order to import cheap labor devoid of all class consciousness and to exert downward pressure on the wages of Western workers, whose living standard and whose standards had been increasing for a number of years following the postwar economic boom. As a result, many (nominal) Catholics entered the US while many (nominal) Muslims entered Western Europe. This does not mean, however, that Islam as a religion or that the roughly 1.8 billion people who are nominally Muslim are our eternal political enemies. Different groups have different reasons to oppose the global “liberal” hegemony of the monopolised American ruling class.

It would be naive to assume that all conflicts between, say, Russia and China would cease to exist if Babylon were to fall; but it is just as naive to get worked up over Sharia law when you’re not even allowed to “manspread” your legs on the subway, when wars and creepy torture prisons are justified by bringing women’s rights to the Middle East, when all normal sexual intercourse between men and women can even retrospectively be classified as rape, when slutty harlots walk around half-naked but want the majority of men who then dare to look at them punished for molestation;  when female teachers, female professors and female journalists train little boys like dogs to obey female generals, female ministers of defense and female prime ministers, if not to become transsexual “females” themselves, and when it is not even enough anymore to shut up and submit because the state demands accomplices now. And the modern state does demand accomplices, does demand partners in crime who join the choir and who bake that cake and who do not merely obey feminist laws but agree with that law in their heart of hearts. Tolerance once meant that you accept that other people have other “truths”; today it means that you have to give up the concept of truth at all. In a dictatorship one has to howl with the wolves in order not to be eaten, in our democracy, one has to bleat with the sheep. 

The Western world is a degenerate feminist shithole, it has replaced Golgotha with Auschwitz, the Cross with gas chambers, saints and martyrs with fags and feminists, and the “reason”, the “science”, it has been so proud of since the age of the Renaissance, is now only used to produce the artificial hormones with which little boys are turned into trannies. In brief, the Western world has never been so far away from Sharia law as it is today, and worrying about Sharia law being brought to these rainbow-filtered degenerates is as ridiculous as a Rabbi in 1940s Europe being worried about the Russian Orthodox Church.

Our anti-tradition, anti-men, anti-sovereignty, anti-diversity and anti-social justice enemies are united, and so must we become. Muslims who oppose the global “liberal” hegemony  of “modern and progressive” burger companies, of predatory corporations who let rainbow flags and feminist T-shirts be produced in slave-like conditions, are our potential allies; and it is hypocritical to talk about shady death cults with shady origins such as ISIS, while ignoring the shady role the shady USA has played in, say, using Saddam Hussein as a prop to attack Iran for getting rid off their American puppet ruler, then deciding to attack, then to destroy Hussein’s Iraq, murder a million Iraqis, put some thousands into creepy torture prisons where feminist womyn tortured these resistance fighters, then let this death cult attack Israel Syria and start a “civil” war that is then used to justify getting rid off another independent ruler (Assad) to replace him with yet another American puppet. If you really believe that American Presidents were all good bois who dindu nuffin because they went to church, and tried to turn da life of da Americans around, that everything that ever went wrong is da fault of raciss Jews, and that Muslims just hate you for your “freedoms”, you honestly deserve to be thrown off a roof. You fucking faggot.

Besides, I’d rather have Muslims who occasionally crash the parties of degenerate sluts and cunts and sodomites than genderqueer mulatto feminists roaming and ruling the streets. I’d rather have a world in which at least some Muslims oppose US imperialism than a world in which no one opposes US imperialism; and I’d rather walk through the Muslim parts of London and Berlin than through the post-apocalyptic gangsta ghettos of Chicago and Detroit.

PS: Return of Kings recently ran an article praising Kemal Atatürk. But Atatürk was only able to reform his country because the Soviet Union caused a balance of power he savvily exploited. It was somewhat similar with Tito in Yugoslavia and for a while even with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, although the Soviet Union had long been suffering from Stalinist degeneration then. In the age of US monoimperialism, Atatürk would have been called a “fascist” and attacked the very same way, Hussein and Assad were and are attacked (now).  If you want anything other than a feminist high-tech Sodom with illiterate faggots roaming dirty ghettos and impoverished mulattos killing each other for some sneakers or whatever, then you must oppose the global hegemony of a single ruling class that does not have to face any competition and any balance of power anymore.



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