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Feminisation? What Feminisation?

In many ways, our society hasn’t become “feminized”, but quite the opposite, has become far more masculine.   For instance, there is far more brutal economic competition out there in the jungle these days. More and more people are competing … Continue reading

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Against Women’s Rights

1. Christina Hoff Sommers’ most famous book, written when she was a philosophy professor at Clark University, poses a question: Who Stole Feminism? And the answer to that question is, “Nobody.” Lesbianic sociopaths, radical Marxists, anti-Christian man-haters, abortion lobbyists, perverts, weirdos, freaks and … Continue reading

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Faux Masculinity

Recently, we went to a Chinese restaurant with the family and my brother made some lame jokes about me picking vegetables and tofu from the buffet. I found this in so far interesting, as he isn’t the kind of guy … Continue reading

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Can Muslim Men Really Stop Modernism?

There are always good and bad reasons to criticize something. For instance, Marxism should be criticized for its (anthropological) optimism and the idea that men and women should have the same rights. (In that regard, American cuckservatism, having turned “real equality” … Continue reading

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The Monstrous Pantsuit and the Feminine Man

A few days ago I watched an old Hollywood movie (Giant, 1956) I remember reading about once in an alt-right article about early “cultural Marxist” propaganda in (((the movies))). The alleged “cultural Marxism” lay in the fact that there is … Continue reading

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